Runtoberfest sold out - custodian project - PTCRC classic 15K - shirt order - Weird loops


We did it again! All 300 Runtoberfest spots are sold. Thanks to you all for your hard work and commitment to getting the job done. Like last year, we get quite a few people trying to get in at the last minute so we'll leave the registration open until Monday. There is a hard limit so if you get the message saying we can't accept anymore. It's real.  Now let's focus on making the event a great one. We're focused on safety first this year and will have a wider running lane on Dividend to Kelly Green. Peachtree City's finest will be present with an additional officer and the ISO Class 1 Peachtree City Fire and Rescue medics will be on the course. The venue is ready. We'll be at Line Creek net Friday night passing out bibs and bags of swag. We'll send an email to participants this week with all the details. On the topic of swag, there is a FB event set up for the swag bag stuffin event at HNL HQ on Thursday evening. At this point, we've got the help we need. Come out and show love anyway. Bring beer. If you're volunteering or racing next week, please dress up and bring a tuba. Thanks again to the people that help make it happen!

Today is the latest custodian project at Oak Grove Elementary. We'll meet at HNL HQ for lunch (11:30 - 12:30) then travel to Oak Grove Elementary to work. Nugget tray is ordered and Janie dropped off some really great food for our awesome custodians. Come out and say thanks! We'll set up a conference room for them, say thanks, then let them eat. The purpose of the project is to only show love and appreciation. That's easy.

Do not forget tomorrow's PTCRC Classic 5K and 15K. From what I've seen, the Peachtree City Running Club has done a great job hyping this race. It's so nice to see one of my favorite races of the year get the attention it deserves. I don't know this officially but it just looks like Gina Bolen has done one hell of a job. Nice work PTCRC and Gina!

The shirts you ordered are in the mail. They should arrive next week and we'll probably have a working lunch on Friday to sort and bag the shirts. This is just the chaos we need in the mix of Runtoberfest but we can handle it.

The Classic has the loops weird tomorrow. If you'd like, Izzy is doing a 19 mile out and back from her house with a group. Let her know if you want to join and she'll send you the address. Another option is a 10 mile loop at Huddleston Elementary at 7:20. No front to backs as this will end just as the 15K starts. This option will get the 19 miles full marathon runners need. If you're a half marathon trainer, the 15K is perfect.

Thanks to our sponsors!



Runtoberfest almost sold out - custodian project - St. Jude Volunteer opportunity - less confusing instructions

Thanks to all that came out to the Runtoberfest meeting last night. We've only got about 20 bibs left so if you've not signed up, you better get on it! Extra special thanks to Melissa for dealing with some last minute issues with several vendors. Thank you for your hard work! We all decided to order some extra German swag for the bag so it appears to be the coolest damn race bag ever. https://www.raceentry.com/hnl-runtoberfest-5k/race-information

We're a go for the next custodian love project event. Come out to HNL HQ next Friday and we'll eat then head over to Oak Grove Elementary to honor their custodial staff with lunch, some cards, and a gift. Thanks to everyone who's helped out with theses, it's been fun! If you're interested in joining us, let me know!

St. Jude half and full marathon runners! Need help! The night before the race, HNL is preparing and serving dinner for families at the FedEx Family House (https://www.fedexfamilyhouse.org) in Memphis. This will be an awesome opportunity to serve. We won't know how many we're cooking for until about a week before the event. In addition to the cooking, serving, and cleaning, we're bringing some Christmas ornaments to decorate and leave with the hospital. If you miss this event, you'll have serious regrets. I need to know who is down to volunteer. HNL will handle the expense of the food and ornaments. We don't know specific jobs yet but I need to know who's committed to the event. Please indicate your willingness and abilities here: https://forms.gle/2CWPGfgrz2xQJS146

Finally, tomorrow should not be as confusing as last week. Drake for all the loops. Full people are at 18 and half at 8. It's like this story writes itself. The 80 min loop will can accommodate anyone interested in less distance. Out and back is the name of that game. Come out for 20, 30, or 56.2 with Dina. Need volunteers for water!

5:00 - 100 minutes

6:45 - 80 minutes (any distance option here with an out and back)



Long sleeve hoodie final call – Runtoberfest Meeting – One way run        

We’ve sold over 50 of the long sleeve hoodies so far! Sunday midnight is the cutoff. If you’ve not ordered yet, get it done. https://next-level-long-sleeve-hoodie.cheddarup.com

There are only two Runtoberfest meetings left. The next one is on 10/10 at 6:30 pm. If you’re part of the race committee, please try to show at both so we know what we need at the end. Male and Female boot glass trophies, decorations, Haribo bears, stickers, hats are all here. If you’ve got any race swag, bring it on 10/10. Izzy is handling packet pickup and Amy needs this list full so please sign up if you see an open spot: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0849aba823a1fc1-2019

Speaking of the race. Please share this link on some social media this week. We got a bit of an extension on shirt ordering so if we could get over 250 this weekend, that would help. Think of creative ways to share and people to invite. We need your help to reach this goal!  https://www.raceentry.com/hnl-runtoberfest-5k/race-information

Tomorrow is a one way run day with several distance options. Pay attention to the details! Since it’s one way, please be flexible on the times, they are not exact. The options are: 12+ miles, 5+ miles, and 7+ miles. Choose your distance then pay attention to the meetup spots. Yes, I know World Airways doesn’t exist anymore, but it’s still called World Drive so there. It’s the massive building on World Drive and Peachtree Parkway North. Across the street from Outback Steakhouse.

12+ mile option runners: Meet at Publix Wilshire (74 south) at 5:40 am. We’ll group up and leave the parking lot at 5:45. Please be on time, we need to be at World Airways and running by 6:00 for this all to work. Need a volunteer to drop water at Drake before meeting at Publix please.

5+ mile option runners: Meet at Drake at 5:45 am. We’ll group up into as few cars as possible and leave the parking lot by 5:50. Please be on time as we’ll be meeting the 12+ mile group folks at World Airways for a 6:00 am start. When we get back to Drake, please don’t forget to return your driver to his/her car at World Airways!!

7+ mile option runners: Meet at Publix Wilshire (74 south) at 6:30. We’ll group up and leave the parking lot by 6:35 for Drake. Please be ready at Drake by 6:45. The group should be arriving there at 6:50……or it could be 7:00. Thank you for your patience! Once the groups meet, we’ll head south where the whole operation will finish with a crescendo of delicious donuts one of you will kindly purchase at Publix.       

If you have any questions please send me an email josh@hnlinc.org if you’ve got any complaints, check out the gear over at www.getlost.com

Here is the schedule for next week:

Monday – Huddleston Pond – 5K run and machines - 5:30 am

Tuesday – ??? – Reboot 19 - 5:30 am

Wednesday – Drake and Battery Way – Mid Week run – 5:30 am and 8:00 am

Thursday – Riley Track – 5:30 am

Friday - ??? – ReBoot 19 – 5:30 am


Clothing – long sleeve hoodies – Custodian love project – weekly schedule – Runtoberfest numbers – Operation Homefront Ruck - all the loops

A few weeks ago, we learned about a local student in need of clothing. We put the request out there for someone to get a list of items together so we could order and deliver. Thanks to Emily for doing the work and setting the student up with some really great stuff. We delivered the gear yesterday and the counselor was so excited. Day made. Thanks to the HNLiens involved that took this project from an observation by a bus driver to fresh gear discreetly delivered to school. Keep it up!

Vests didn’t work so we’re trying long sleeve hoodies. Doris has done some solid work here and gave you options! The shirt is a Next Level long sleeve hoodie. This is the same brand of shirts we used for the race. I’m fairly partial to the name, too. They are awesome. Dori had one of these hoodies in her car a few weekends ago and we got to try it on. Kinda gross for Dori cause I was sweaty but the experience was great for me. 10/10 would recommend wearing Dori’s clothing. Anyway, get your very own by clicking the link and ordering! $23. There is a link on the order form if you want to see more info about the shirt. We’re not going keep this open for long so go ahead and just order the damn thing today. I want to be wearing this by the time cold weather gets here in February. https://next-level-long-sleeve-hoodie.cheddarup.com

There is a team of folks working on the custodian love project at HNL HQ today. Bring your lunch for an 11:30 meetup and meal. Heading to Burch Elementary after to show some love to the custodian crew at Birch with a lunch, thank you cards, and some gifts. This is a great way to give back to the phenomenal professionals keeping our schools looking great for our students.  6000 Shakerag Hill #104. Be there or donate to the cause! Oak Grove is going to happen next.

It’s been a few weeks since we got the schedule out to the people so here it is. Anna is in charge of ReBoot 19 programming this month. She’s got such a great idea for the month. Please make an effort to come out and see what she’s working on. Thanks to the much larger than expected crowds we had for Friday Janky Yoga in September. So inappropriate. So fun.

Monday – Huddleston Pond – 5K run and machines - 5:30 am

Tuesday – ??? – Reboot 19 - 5:30 am

Wednesday – Drake and Battery Way – Mid Week run – 5:30 am and 8:00 am

Thursday – McIntosh High School Hills Day – 5:30 am

Friday - ??? – ReBoot 19 – 5:30 am

We are over 200 racers for Runtoberfest! Really need those shirt orders, people! If you haven’t shared our race on social media, please get on it. We’d like to pump these rookie numbers up by Monday! https://www.raceentry.com/races/hnl-runtoberfest-5k/2019/register

Our Ruck for Operation Homefront needs some love. On November 9, 2019 we’ll ruck a 5K for the nice folks at OH seeking to help our military with housing and utility needs. This is a seriously worthy cause and we could use some help. Anybody willing to step up and do some work for those in uniform? Lemme know.

I’ve finally arrived at the part you’re psyched about. There will be a half marathon training loop tomorrow. Shoutout to Dina who requested the loop, then told me she wasn’t going to be there. Hope others take advantage of it! Full marathon training group is at 17, half is at 4. 4? Let’s make it 6.

5:10 – 140 Minutes - Need a water volunteer!!

6:30 – 60 Minutes

7:30 – 30 Minutes

Get out there and make it a great day people!


Runtoberfest update – weather tomorrow – Amplio delivery - DRAKE loops

We had a productive Runtoberfest meeting last night! We decided on the hat, race shirts, volunteer shirts, timing options, and other stuff. So much fun. Thanks for coming out. The swag game is strong this year. Thanks to the folks helping us make this happen! Also, if you haven’t signed up for the HNL Runtoberfest, nobody likes you. I checked. Please sign up today!! https://www.raceentry.com/races/hnl-runtoberfest-5k/2019/register

The weather tomorrow is going to be so great! Looking forward to getting out there and getting after it. Full marathon people are at 16. Need a full marathon runner to volunteer to put out water tomorrow. I haven’t thought of the route yet but by the time you text me, I’ll be ready with a location.

Thanks to Joanna for delivering the stuff to Amplio! She got to meet the great people there with a tour of the facility. Thank you all who donated!!

Long run starts early tomorrow! Drake.

5:20 – 130 minutes

7:30 – 30 minutes

Hydrate or diedrate!  


Full moon Slow ride tonight – vests order – race meeting – Amplio project – custodian project – project bean – clothing need – Fayette realtors - Saturday run

Psyched for the Georgia Shrimp to Big Shots slow ride tonight! Meet at Georgia Shrimp at 6:30 pm. We’ll hang there for awhile then head to Big Shots. If you’re riding your bike, a helmet is required. It’s possible we’ll be out after dark so have a light as well. If you’re meeting us at either Georgia Shrimp or Big Shots on golf cart or car, bring a designated driver. No drinky drivey. Keep that ass out of jail by behaving yourself.

Vests got three orders. It’s cancelled. Izzy is working on a cheaper option.

Don’t forget the race meeting this Thursday at 6:30 pm. We’ll meet at HNL HQ. If you’re on the committee, be there. If not, cool. You can come too. Ride your bike or golf cart. Bring snacks and drinks to share. Meeting should not take more than 60 min. Socializing after.

We need all brands of tampons, light pads, and heavy pads for Amplio. We’re working on a project to empower women entering the workforce by collecting these items for the next six days. Amplio is a staffing agency connecting refugees with employment in the Metro Atlanta area. Some of their clients need education about feminine hygiene practices and products. This lack of education and access can be a barrier to employment. That's where we come in. They've scheduled an education session on September 20th for 35 clients. They'll educate, and we'll provide the products. We're going to collect all the tampons and pads we can then deliver sometime prior to class. We need someone to take the lead on delivering these items. You will not regret working with these awesome folks. When we did this for Atlanta Mission Day Shelter we almost had to use two cars. Let's repeat that! Read about the people Amplio is working for then let me know if you can help with donations or the delivery! https://ampliorecruiting.com/about-refugees/

The custodian love project is moving right along. We’ve selected two schools, Burch Elementary and Oak Grove Elementary. Each school has four custodians and we’re planning a meal catered to them and some gifts to show love to these awesome people quietly serving our kids. There is still time to get involved so see Matt Rusk (Oak Grove) or Sierra Pyron (Burch) to help out. You can also send me an email and I’ll add you to the email group: josh@hnlinc.org

Melissa has a really great idea for serving dialysis patients who need help. For those of you who know how difficult dialysis is, you also know how important it is. Getting to treatment can be a struggle. For some, realizing the importance of consistent treatment is having a major impact on quality of life which then affects other family members. This is the kind of big idea that could save a life or even help someone get on the transplant list. We’re looking at ways to get people to treatment or make transportation less of a barrier. We’d also like to see how we can improve incentives to get consistent treatment then measure our impact with healthier people during the holiday months. If there is a group of people out there to move the needle on something this important, it’s ours. See Melissa Thomas for more details on how to get involved.

Every once in awhile we get the kind of request we can help with quickly. Local bus driver noticed a student wearing the same clothing for multiple days in a row. We got the call and asked the school to confirm. They did. I’m not much for kids fashion (nor my own) so we need some help getting an Amazon wish list going. I’ve got the sizes and an amount we’re going to spend. Need some kid fashion expertise to commit to an hour of work shopping on Amazon. You’ll send me the list, I’ll place the order, Leslie will church it up and make the anonymous delivery to the school. This one is easy! HMU if you can do it.

Shoutout to any realtor HNLiens! Rob Thomas and I attended the Fayette Realtors Got Talent event earlier this year. They selected us as a beneficiary of the event and we got invited to a lunch and check presentation this week. WOW. Y’all are sweet folks. As you can see, we’re making use of the grants we receive. Thanks to much Fayette Realtors!

Full marathon step back day tomorrow. We’re back at Drake for the double loop goodness. When is this heat gonna go away? Can anybody do something about it?

6:20 – 70 min

7:30 – 30 min


The Dignity Store – big shots slow ride – wiener gang – Runtoberfest meeting – Sprint Triathlon – vests - new run location

Dang. The Dignity Store project had a big week. If you follow us on social media, you saw some great updates at our Asa Hilliard and North Clayton Dignity Store locations. Thanks so much to the people that make this project happen. We’re getting hygiene items in the hands of kids who need them. Our free stores are serving students at Flat Rock Middle, Asa Hilliard Elementary, North Clayton Middle, and at Rachel’s Ray of Hope. Thanks to Keller Williams Kares 4 Kids event, we picked up some great products for our stores. We also made some great connections with other non-profits. It’s always so inspiring to see what people are up to and how they get the job done. If any of these ideas move you, lets get a team together and make it happen! We met a group who focuses on new PJs for kids entering foster care. So cool. The group heard from an organization that focuses on children living in mobile home parks. When they learned that kids living in MHPs are more likely to struggle with learning, they set up after school help/tutoring in the park’s community room. Genius! Dori got a little misty when we heard from a principal of a charter school whose kids struggle to get clean clothing and hygiene items. We might be working with some of these groups soon. We need help to make this happen. Don’t sit on the sidelines waiting to get called into the game. There are lots of great ideas out there and we need to hear them. If you’ve got a way to help someone or make someone’s life easier, we’ve got the machine to make that idea work. Let’s do it!

So psyched about the Big Shots Slow Ride on Friday the 13th. We’ll meet at The Georgia Shrimp Company at 6:30 and when we reach a quorum, we’ll ride to Big Shots. Bring your bike. Wear a helmet. Bring a golf cart. Wear a helmet. Do not drink and drive.  I don’t have time to make it spooky so we’re gonna need someone to take that on. Please make it next level spooky. Not fall off your bike spooky but pee your pants a little spooky.

I probably should have started with this but for the third Friday in a row we’re meeting at HNL HQ (6000 Shakerag Hill in PTC) for a working lunch. We’ve got lots of stuff to organize and stuff into bags for domestic violence victims. Bring your lunch, bring your work, come hungry for Haribo gold bears. 1230.

The HNL Runtoberfest 5K planning committee meets on Thursday evening at 6:30. You know who you are. Ryan Janos might be the big hero with his news.

Good luck to the PTC Tri Club tomorrow! Big event for them at Drake. I know some of y’all will be out there representing. Get after it!

Don’t forget to order your vest! One week left to order!

Gray order here

White order here

Since the Tri folks will be at Drake, we’ll be further south. The loops tomorrow will start and end at Braelinn Elementary (975 Robinson Road in PTC). Full marathoner distance is 14 tomorrow and half is 3. Big loop first followed by 30 min. The idea is to keep the 7:30 30 min loop in place when we can. This is the loop of, by, and for the people. It’s literally the loop enumerated in the US Constitution. Let freedom ring….your mom

Braelinn Elementary

5:40 – 110 min

7:30 – 30 min


Runtoberfest Price Increase – Vest order – Ruck Saturday – Custodian Project – The Heritage Foundation – Keller Williams Shopping – slow ride - Double loop half marathon  

Don’t forget to register for the HNL Runtoberfest 5K this weekend. Price increase Monday! We’d like to get half sold before the increase so get it done today. Pretty Please? You can help by reposting the info and making sure everybody knows how to register.  There will likely be a race committee meeting on the evening of 9/12.

Izzy has done a great job of putting together some vest options for us. Check out the options below. Gray is fleece and white is soft shell:



Each comes in male and female versions. No pressure to order if you don’t want. Just an option for the fall and winter. Do not drag your feet on this. You’ve got two weeks to get that order in. The word of the day is hustle. Hustle is a good way to demonstrate you’re a great little league baseball player or HNL vest orderer. It’s not the best way to work as a surgeon or bomb tech. #LifeLessons   

McIntosh High School is the venue tomorrow at noon. Ruck HNL hosts the Hustle and Grind – Star Course 12 miler. Inspired by the US Army Expert Infantryman Badge ruck march event. Everyone who completes each of the six two-mile legs in under three hours wins a great prize! Every mother rucker contributes $10 to the pot. Those completing the event under three hours split the pot. Bring water and food for yourself. Ruck must be 35 pounds. Arrive early for the safely briefing. Gonna be a great time!

Some very nice people have agreed to help with our next FCBOE custodian appreciation project. We’re looking to make this happen in the next two weeks. Should take about four or five hours of your time. If you’d like to help out on this, send me an email with the subject Custodian Appreciation Team. If you responded on FB, no need for the email. I got you!

Shoutout to The Heritage Foundation!! They gave us one of those big checks yesterday! Thank you! We couldn’t do the work we do without donations from nice people like you and them! Thanks to Matt Tuff for showing up and looking photo shoot fresh. He made the picture much better. It got a bit weird when the lady taking the picture asked for his autograph afterward, but he seemed so at ease. It was almost like he’d done that many times before.

We’re headed to Kares 4 Kids Costco shopping again next week. This will be HNL’s third year at the event. Leslie and Dori are making it happen all the way up in Duluth. They’ll join several other nonprofits from the metro area on a massive Costco shopping spree. This event is huge for The Dignity Store! Thanks so much to the Keller Williams HNLiens out there who make sure we get on the list each year. So grateful for your help!

Slow ride on 9/13 ending at Big Shots. Pencil it in. Yes, it’s Friday the 13th. Dee said it was cool so now it’s on. Do not miss this event. More soon.

Finally! Run info! It’s gonna be a but weird tomorrow but you know how we do. Two separate groups. Full marathon training people are doing two 10K loops, no front to backs. This is not the way it’ll always be but we’re kicking off the official start to longer long runs with a confidence builder. Bring water and fuel tomorrow morning. We’re gonna train like we work.  Half marathon training people are on a single 10K loop. Come out early or late, you’ve got options. The second group is the normal 30 min loop at 7:30. All the groups/people/loops meet at Drake. We’d love to see some of y’all who have been missing. Come out for the 30 mins and mingle with us!


6:00 – 10K loop no front to backs

7:00 – 10K loop no front to backs

7:30 – 30 min loop with front to backs


Classic Signup tomorrow – Hustle and Grind Ruck – 3d Girls donation – Dignity store update - Heritage Foundation Check – Reduced mileage run

Come out and sign up for the Peachtree City Classic tomorrow! No fees and a free visor! Thanks to Gina for coming out in the sun to sign people up!

Don’t forget the Ruck HNL Hustle and Grind 12 miler on August 31 at noon. McIntosh High School is the location. It’s gonna be fun!

Tomorrow is the last day of the 3D Girls baby supply collection. If you’ve got baby stuff from the list (last run post) please bring it tomorrow. LAST DAY OF COLLECTION. Thanks to all who’ve donated so far!

The Dignity Store is having a big week. Thanks to the GuateMamas for stocking the shelves at the Flat Rock Dignity Store. We’re ready to serve! We’ve got a meeting on Tuesday with Liberty Tech Charter School in Brooks for a possible location there. Thanks to Kelly Carney for reaching out and making this happen!

Thanks to The Heritage Community Foundation for helping us! On 8/29 at 3:00 pm they’re gonna present us a big check. This grant will help us do big things in our community. We need a big group to come along for the photo. Please make an effort to be there! Fayetteville Heritage Bank 440 North Jeff Davis.

We’re on our first mileage step down tomorrow. Back to the old school double loops.

Drake Loops

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


Panasonic Love – Runtoberfest – 3D girls, inc. – weather help

Thanks to the folks that showed for the Panasonic photo today.  You should have seen the look on the tellers face when I dragged the massive check into the bank. I was all, “I’d like to make a large deposit.”  Thanks to Panasonic for the love and Jason Weida for making it happen!

The Runtoberfest 2019 registration is open. It’s also selling quickly. We’ve only had the registration active for a week and we’ve sold 50 entries. We’ve also seen our runhnl.com web traffic double this week. Please share the FB event, show love on Instagram, email the entry to your grandma. We need to keep the momentum and sell out again! Thanks for all your hard work! Poster below. I’ve also got two larger paper posters. If you can think of a public place that will take one, lemme know.  I’d like to get one at the brewery. Orange? Crossfit? Senior center? Help us out and let’s get it up. TWSS. Also, register please.

We’re collecting for 3D Girls Inc., an Atlanta nonprofit with an awesome mission. I was able to meet Raioni two weeks ago and her cause really resonated with the crowd. For me, her genuine passion for helping moms and babies was inspiring. She hosts a community baby shower each quarter and I told her we’d collect items from her wishlist. It's really great. Each and every item we donate goes to an expectant mom who would not otherwise get this stuff. Please bring what you have tomorrow! The wishlist is below and some nice lady already dropped a bag on my doorstep. THANK YOU! If you can’t make it tomorrow, lemme know and we’ll get it picked up. Wish list:

Any of you have any pull with the weather? If you could make tomorrow morning like this morning… Two loops tomorrow and the long group IS STARTING EARLIER so pay attention!

Finally, here is the schedule for the week. All 5:30 am:

Monday – Huddleston Pond 5K and sweat-a-thon

Tuesday – Drake – ReBoot 19

Wednesday – Drake and Savannah, Ga – Mid week run here and at Forsyth Park in Savannah

Thursday – TBD – Hills till you pass out

Friday – The Avenue – ReBoot 19

Come for all the events!

Saturday’s loops are from Drake!

6:05 – 80 min

7:30 – 30 min




Gratitude – Runtoberfest – routine – Operation Homefront Ruck – 1st st. jude long run

Got this card in the HNL mail yesterday. It contains a handwritten thank you from a young man you all sent to camp this summer. He leveled up (how appropriate) belts and had a great time. His grandmother sent an email and card as well. She wanted to express her gratitude for the experience her grandson had at camp. This is not something we expect but it sure does feel good! Thanks to all of you who helped make this happen.

Race committee met last night and we’re close to making our big announcement. Once we get the registration site ready, we’ll make a splash. When you see it, you’ll love it. Really strong work by all involved. Thanks so much to our sponsors, D&K Engine Parts and Panasonic. Also, if you’ve available next Friday morning, lemme know. We need some people to get behind the big check Panasonic is giving us. Won’t take long, promise.

The first week of the new routine has been freaking awesome. Don’t miss out on these great free workouts! New people are always welcome to join. Come out and see what we’re up to!

Monday – Huddleston Pond 5:30 5K then core work

Tuesday – Drake ReBoot 19 bootcamp workout

Wednesday – Drake and Battery Way mid-week run

Thursday – Speed and Hills alternating

Friday – The Avenue ReBoot 19 bootcamp workout

The Veteran’s Day Operation Homefront Ruck planning is moving along nicely. I think you’ll be very impressed with the swag that comes along with this event. Gonna be a great event for a great cause. Don’t forget the Hustle and Grind ruck on August 31. Cash prizes!

Tomorrow is the first St. Jude long training run. We’ll meet at Drake. The loops are a bit different so pay attention!

6:30 – 70 min

7:40 – 30 min



Back to school – quarters quarterly – the dignity store – st. jude training – Runtoberfest meeting – NEW LOCATION for run

Some of you have enriched the world through breeding. Thank you. Now imagine consolidating the fruits of your respective loins into classrooms. Classrooms filled with angsty-stinky (stangsty) kids. Shoutout to the teachers taking on that challenge next week. A couple of y’all with those badass kids need to send a couple Target gift cards on the FIRST day, not just the last day.  I didn’t forget about the homeschoolers. Just Monday for y’all, I suppose. Anyway, the kids are back in school so it's a great time to get back into a routine. As you’ll see below, the St. Jude training starts next weekend so start getting in the habit now! Set your alarm and get your tail out of bed (I know, I know, I’ll do better this week). Monday’s in August will be 5K days followed by a core exercise workout. This means Huddleston Pond is the new Monday spot. We’ll take advantage of Double Trace and the machines as well. 5K starts every Monday at 5:30, workout starts at 6:00. August weekly schedule looks like this:

Monday – Huddleston Pond - 5:30 5K 6:00 core exercise for 30 min
Tuesday – Drake Field – 5:30 ReBoot 19 bootcamp
Wednesday – Drake Field – 5:00 and 5:30 run
Thursday – Several Spots – 5:30 Hills or speed alternating each week
Friday – The Avenue – 5:30 ReBoot 19 bootcamp
Saturday – LONG RUN DAY

All of these events are free. Be bold and show up. Get back into the swing of things!

I PROMISE TO HAVE THE QUARTERS AT THE RUN TOMORROW – that is all about quarters quarterly. Don't forget to return some stories about your experiences!

As the school year begins again, so does The Dignity Store. This has been an incredible project for us and we will be growing again soon. If you’d like to join the team working on getting high quality hygiene items in the hands of kids who need them, let us know! Now is the best time to join up. We’re doing some shopping next week and could use some help. You will not regret spending a small amount of time on this.

Next week is our first St. Jude Marathon and Half Marathon training run. So exciting. We’ll have some special events throughout so keep up to date here. We might be doing some of the long runs in some cool locations.

Finally, the Runtoberfest race committee will meet on Thursday at 6:30 pm. Come to HNL HQ and see how a crack team of professionals and a few derelicts organize your race. I’ll regale you with stories of how I battled the city and our insurance company. Melissa will show us some swag, Ryan will dazzle us with pricing options for chip timing, April will unveil a badass race logo, and Scott will tamp down our dreams with financial realities. Should be a good time. Don’t drink and drive. Ride your bike, take an uber, bring something to share. Also, there may be an opportunity this coming Friday to accept a big check (size and value) from Panasonic. I will not be attending this photo op alone, FYI. If you have the ability to join us, please get your mind right for the possibility of a Friday photoshoot. I’ll find more out soon.

Welp, that’s all for now. I didn’t even get into the past three days of ATL Ideas. I figure my social media posts have been sufficiently irritating so I’ll spare you here. I will, however, be approaching some of you individually about some ideas YOU might have. To continue to keep the great pace we’ve set, we need more ideas from YOU!

Tomorrow we’ll meet at the PTC Tennis center for the loops. There will be some trail running so come correct on the first loop. The second loop will be the Runtoberfest 5K race route.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min   


Drake! - Ruck after run - WEek of sweat - Runtoberfest update

YO! We're back at Drake tomorrow morning! Psyched to be back with the coolest running group around!

Don't forget the ruck tomorrow after the run. Ruck starts at 10:30 am from Drake. This is the perfect event to bring your kids out to. We'll walk and pick up trash, then eat pizza at Partners. Kid who picks up the most trash gets a free beer! Also, since we're talking ruck, don't forget the Ruck HNL Hustle & Grind on 8/31 and the big Veteran's Day ruck on 11/9. We could use some sponsors for the Veterans Day event so if you know a veteran friendly organization looking to make life better for some of our nations most deserving, HMU!

We're continuing the crazy this week with Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday workouts. Monday will be the last Chicken Island Monday, Wednesday morning run, and Huddleston Pond Thursday. Come out for all the fun! It's all free. Tuesday and Friday will be ReBoot 19 workouts as well, also free!

Runtoberfest is moving right along. We've submitted the event application for PTC and meet with them week after next. Melissa has been KILLING IT on the sponsors front. Thanks to her for the hard work! April has some awesome new design ideas for the new shirt and swag. We'll have a full race committee meeting in the next two weeks. If you know of a company who wants to sponsor, please let me know NOW!

Drake tomorrow for the double loop goodness.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

See you all in the morning!



Training plan resize – Rucks for days – Runtoberfest Update - *NEW LOCATION*

I thought about retyping the training plan so it would look nice. Then I got distracted and used up all of my time with actual work. The result is a resized training plan on the site with all the janky properties you’d expect from me. Cut off words, compressed cells, weirdly wrapped words, full jank. Enjoy. At least you can see it all on your phone. If you’d like to complain please submit your well thought out complaint here. I will get this looking right someday. Someday is not today.

We’ve got rucks for days! Please make sure you’re ready for two big events we’ve got coming up. First, August 31 at McIntosh High School we’ll do a 12 mile timed ruck. Everyone puts $10 into the pot and all who finish under 3 hours splits the pot. The next one is the Veterans Day ruck benefitting Operation Homefront on November 9. This one is going to be a big deal. Mark your calendars!

Runtoberfest is moving right along. We’re finishing up the sponsor list so if you know of someone that wants to participate, now is the time to get on board. Permit has been submitted to the city and we’ll meet with the special events team on August 6. After the city meeting we’ll have a race committee meeting to get everyone caught up on what’s new and what’s left to be done. Gonna be another great event! Can’t wait to see you all in your lederhosen.

Tomorrow’s run is starting and ending at Home Depot in Peachtree City. Kids triathlon is going on so we’ll avoid the area by taking our business elsewhere. Got some tennis balls for bouncy fun! Be there for both loops!

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


Timeless Ernie South Run

Let me tell you about our friend Ernie South. In April, he committed to running 2.26 miles per day until he completed a full marathon distance. The distance increased after his first self-imposed challenge, then the next, and the one after that. By the time it was all done, he was running six damn miles a day. He’d be at the workouts early and staying late with Dori to get the mileage in. He wanted to complete 420 miles before his birthday and he completed them all yesterday. His birthday is tomorrow and we’re gonna have a special run in his honor. We’ll begin at 6:30 at the GLENLOCH SOCCER FIELDS (not the tennis court parking lot). NO WATCHES ALLOWED. If you like, wear your watch and we’ll cover the face with tape to mask the display so you still log your distance. Everyone will group up and run away from Glenloch and estimate best they can for a 60 minute loop. Runners closest to exactly 60 minutes win free coffee! This is not price is right style so going over is allowed. Should be fun!

If you’d like, we’ll have a 30 min out and back option at 6:00 starting from the same parking lot.

BE THERE! We’ll sing happy birthday to the birthday boy. He’s an inspiration for us all. Thanks for being a badass Ernie!


Veterans Day Ruck – The Dignity Store – Laundry Fairies – Drake

This week was a busy one for HNL! We have been working with Operation Homefront and Line Creek Brewery on a Veteran’s Day project. The event will be a 10K ruck (with shorter option available) on 11/9/19 starting and ending at the brewery. LCB was looking for a partner on a project for Operation Homefront and Ruck HNL just seemed like the right fit. We’d love for some of our vets and non-vets alike to get involved with the planning. Bonus: We’re working on a regular ruck day from LCB a la beer and yoga. Stay tuned and hit Matt Rusk up for more info or to get involved!

The Dignity Store had a big day yesterday. We met and planned for the next school year. Great meeting with some enhancements coming for the next school year.  Janie didn’t know it but we signed her up for a really important role. She’ll love it. We always have a need for more help here to please see Leslie Terek to get plugged in. We have a special need for any connections yall might have with Coweta County businesses. We’re making a move this summer and we could use some help in Coweta!

I failed to bring the laundry fairy bags last week. I’m gonna bring them tomorrow! Promise!

All loops are from Drake tomorrow. Be there!

6:00 – 30 min

6:30 – 60 min

7:00 – 30 min


Quarters quarterly success – Phoenix murica hat – Saturday slow ride – awesome weather

Thanks to all who came out on Monday! We packed nearly $250 into baggies with notes and dryer sheets. I’ll have some of these laundry fairy bags for you all Saturday morning. Please take a few and distribute them in laundromats around Atlanta. We will be having another event next quarter where the kids can share experiences and stuff more bags. This was a great event. Thanks to Leslie for organizing!

I’m ordering this hat on Sunday. They will get here mid July. If you want one, click this link and drop your email address. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfqpveSG7KIuB-C1KF0S9qh7glrb987Mmb6dsICEp3we-F4sg/viewform?usp=sf_link They are $27 unless we get more than 23 people responding then the price drops a few $$.

This Saturday we’ll have a Partners to Line Creek Brewery slow ride. Bring your bike or your golf cart. Meet at Partners at 6:00 pm. Don’t forget your helmet!

The weather for Friday morning ReBoot 19 and Saturday morning’s run is looking really great. Don’t miss out!

Saturday loops from Drake

6:00 – 30 min

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min  


Hotlanta weekend – Washing machine success – Domestic violence bags win – Monday meeting

FIRST THINGS FIRST - Have you signed up for St. Jude? No? Get it done now!

This is the Hotlanta Half marathon weekend your mama warned you about.  If you’re not running the Hotlanta, come out and run with us! I’m still on vacation so need some leaders to step up tomorrow! If you’re interested in being a mile 4 water hander outer, meet at the Kroger by Target at 5:00 am on Sunday morning. We’ll group up into cars and head up to the Georgia State Stadium to get ready. Wear HNL gear or some other costume. If anyone has a music box thing, that’d be great. If you’d like, join us for breakfast after the runners pass us. BRING CASH FOR BREAKFAST if you’re staying after the runners pass us.

This week Julie Weida took the lead on a special request we had from FCBOE to provide a local family with a new washer and dryer. They were washing their clothing in the sink so the new set from Home Depot was an awesome start to the summer. Thanks for making this happen!

We got a message from Promise Place this morning. Please take the time to read it below. We delivered some go bags for women escaping an abusive situation. It would seem they loved the small touches. If you helped us research, order, or stuff, thank you!

HNL, touching base with you on the bags that were donated. We gave the last bag out yesterday so I have all 7 surveys completed and attached to this email. You should find some good feedback on the items. In giving these out, there were lots of tears and gratitude. One lady who received a bag has been struggling with depression over her situation and you could literally see the impact this made on her.

Thank you again SO MUCH for your generosity. The fact that your group would take the time to make a stranger's life better says a lot. 

We here at Promise Place appreciate you. 

Per the surveys she attached to the message, the recipients really liked the comfort items and first aid kits. The flippy floppy things were voted the least popular. Requests included hairbrush and pens.

Don’t forget the meeting at HNL HQ on Monday evening at 6:00 pm. BRING THE KIDS!! It’s the quarterly quarters project where kids and adults bring quarters and we’ll stuff them into bags for laundry fairy distribution. This is how we make little HNLiens. Don’t miss it!

Tomorrow all loops are from Drake!

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min




Runtoberfest 5ishK meetings - All American 5 and 10K - Memorial Day Murph - Washing machines galore 

If you’re reading this before lunch on Friday, take a chance and come meet Wiener Gang at Salad Express for a 12:30 lunch!

We had two meetings this week for our October race. Thanks to the folks who showed and shared ideas and updates. Really excited for the swag this year and I think you’ll all enjoy the work our folks are putting into this event.

Don’t forget we’re supporting our local American Legion tomorrow for their All American 5K, 10K, and RuckK. Race starts at 8:00 am. There will be an early option as well.

On Monday we’ll host The Murph at Drake. This has been an HNL tradition for many years. It’s a really great way to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their country. Meet at Drake for a 7:00 am start. Here is the story and the workout:

“Murph” is a classic CrossFit workout known as a Hero WOD. Hero WOD’s are made by CrossFit to honor the men and women that have fallen in the line of duty. This one is specifically to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.


1 mile Run

100 Pull-Ups

200 Push-Ups

300 Air Squats

1 mile Run

*With a 20 lb Vest or Body Armor

**Pull-up variant will be available

This workout itself was Michael’s favorite workout to do, which at the time referred to it as “Body Armor”, hence the 20 lb vest or body armor as part of the workout prescription. So, every year, people around the world pay special tribute to Lieutenant Murphy by joining together and suffering through this workout. Don’t miss it!

This week we received a request from a Fayette County BOE social worker about some students in need. There was some concern that the children’s clothing wasn’t as clean as it could be. We learned that mom was washing the families clothing in the sink because they didn’t have a washer and dryer set. We decided that the funding from the Fayette Celebrity Dancers would be sufficient to help up make this happen. We’re working out the particulars now but this looks like it’s going to happen. These big ticket items are where we make real impact. Psyched to be called on in the first place and glad to help when we can!

Since the race starts at 8:00, we’ll have an early 30 min loop for any interested. Park at the BMX track on McIntosh Trail and meet up at those fancy new picnic tables the city just dropped there.

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – All American 5K and 10K - https://www.active.com/peachtree-city-ga/running/distance-running-races/10th-annual-all-american-5k-10k-event-2019


Thank you – Chattanooga Half Ironman – quarterly quarters – Runtoberfest meetings – triple loops

First, thank you so much. HNL had one hell of a week and it’s all thanks to you! The washing machines for Promise Place were delivered and installed this week. They are so thankful and amazed at how quickly you made it happen. Also, the refrigerator was delivered and installed the day after the washing machines. Thanks so much for the donations and getting them in so quickly! We’re so excited to be part of these projects and happy to help where we can! In addition to the awesome news with the appliances, Fayette Realtors got talent raised some serious $$$ for us last weekend. The show was fun and getting to share what we’re doing with their money was even more fun. Also, I pitched the sponsorship opportunities to Panasonic this week and they’ve agreed to be a platinum sponsor. This is great news for our race and we’re glad to have them on board. If you know of any other businesses interested in the platinum level sponsorship, hit me up. We’d like to get them on board quick so we can start recognizing them early. There is still an opportunity for a diamond level sponsorship if anyone is interested. There will only be one of these available and it costs a cool $5K. Lots of great benefits to the diamond level! Not only do you get 10 race entries, Rob Thomas will come and wash your car! He’s really good at it. Also, Leslie Terek will sing at your Memorial Day party. Consider it, folks. Let’s get that thing sold with the quickness!

Good luck to the Chattanooga 70.3 triathletes. Let me know when you’re ready to make this happen!

Don’t forget the quarterly quarters project meeting on June 10 at 6:30 pm. This is how we get our kids involved in doing HNLien things. Be there and learn more about our plans to spread laundry love in the world! Saving change to be the change can be fun. Come out and get the kids involved.

We will have two Runtoberfest meetings next week. One Tuesday at 6:30 pm and one Thursday at 6:30 pm. Come to one or come to both; just show up and give us an update on your job. If you can’t make it, send me a message with some update and I’ll share it. I know it’s early but it’s the calls and research now that will make our lives easier in October.

Tomorrow we’re running that TRIPLE loop goodness from Drake. Be there and see people. The 7:30 30 min loop has a walk only option so be there for that if you want to be social but don’t run. Seriously. Can we get some walkers out there please? 5? 10? Anybody?

6:00 -30 min

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min (walk option available)

See you tomorrow!


Promise Place and refrigerator campaign – Camp grants – Fayette realtors show – quarterly quarters – weather tomorrow

What a great week! We delivered the go bags to Promise Place this week. SO COOL. We’re loving the mission there. The passion they have for helping victims of domestic violence is inspiring. Vanessa was nice enough to give a tour of the administrative office and let us see how busy they were. It’s sad to say but our bags won’t be gathering any dust. In 2018 they served 112 at the emergency shelter alone. Domestic violence is unfortunately prevalent everywhere in America and the awesome folks at Promise Place are ready to serve 24 hours a day right here at home.  Callers to the hotline can learn how to delete internet cookies to cover their tracks if they’re searching the web for help. Perspective. 

Then it happened. We turned a corner to the laundry room and I came face to face with a washing machine older than me. I’m a forty year old human. If I were a washing machine, I’d be considered immortal, accused of witchcraft. When I asked about the laundry situation I started to get all giddy. Vanessa told me that the machines at the administrative building were all working but they were having a serious problem at the shelter (which is at an undisclosed location for obvious reasons). One of the washing machines broke and it’s causing the other to work overtime and almost constantly. The laundry backup is real and frustration is growing. If the other machine dies, they’ll be without ANY. We told her, “That sucks.” and rolled out.

You know that didn't happen.  

Not this laundry obsessed, basic human dignity possessed, perpetually blessed group from Budapest. Nope. We made a commitment on the spot for the shelter washing machine. And another to replace the immortal witch washer. Promise Place was hyped, yo.

In addition to these two appliances, we need to purchase a third. I’m not going to publish identifying details here out of respect for the person we’d like to help. It’s the kind of purchase I’d like to think any of us would make for someone in need.  Single and no family nearby to help, medical issues can be scary. When finances are tight in a situation like this, a refrigerator is not exactly something you can just pick up on the way home. The apartment sized refrigerator we’re gonna buy is hopefully going to ease some of the pressure.   

That’s where you come in. We need to make this happen. I’ve created a cheddar up campaign for these three appliances. We need to share this far and wide so we can get it done. I know lots of you are ready to donate your own washer, dryer, and fridge but we’re going brand new and delivered on this one. We need warranties in place and longevity is the name of the game. Here is the link: https://triple-appliance-collection.cheddarup.com donate a little, share it wide. Let’s do it!

We met last night for camp grant selection. So much fun. We do need some help with this! If you are willing to spend some time on the phone and internet helping to notify the winners and other coordination duties, HMU!! Need at least two more people!

Saturday is the Fayette Realtors got talent! I have one more free ticket! They are supporters of ours and we need to show love! Saturday night 6 – 10. Be there.

Quarters quarterly. This is an awesome idea by one of my very favorite HNLiens. We’ve had such a great time with our laundry fairy project (bags of quarters and dryer sheets left anonymously in laundromats) we’re expanding it to the kids. We want young HNLiens to get their hands on a service project so this is it. We’ll have a first meeting to show the kids what it means to be a laundry fairy and how easy saving change can be. First meeting at HNL HQ on June 10, 2019 6:30 pm. Get your kids there!

Looks like rain tomorrow but that doesn't matter! Be there even if it looks cloudy. Don’t be scared. All loops from Drake.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


New location tomorrow – big spring ruck - Camp grant meeting – triathlon tomorrow – May Monday event

Since the tri folk will be using Drake tomorrow we’ll move the run south. Let’s get back over to Braelinn Elementary for both loops. Don’t forget!

Tomorrows long run is just half of all we’ve got going on. The Big Spring Ruck starts at 10:00 am from Line Creek Brewery. Check out the event page for more info on what to bring, the route, and how to donate to the beneficiary Healing 4 Heroes.  The ruck is 10 miles long. There will be an out and back 60-minute option. Gonna be a great day. Event is rain or shine. Thanks to Matt Rusk and Lindsey Hausmann for organizing! https://www.facebook.com/events/341449189780135/

This Thursday we’ll meet at HNL HQ to choose more camp grant recipients. Last event was so much fun and we’ve got a few to go through so come ready to work. Starts at 6:30 pm and goes to 8:00 pm.

Good luck to the PTC tri club tomorrow on their awesome triathlon events. Several of our folks will be there participating and volunteering. Have a great event!!

Mondays in May are going to be off the damn chain. Last month we did the million dollar mile and next month we’re climbing for our lives. Each and every Monday in May will be a stair climbing workout at Mellow Mushroom. Lots of stairs, lots of sweat. All fun. Don’t miss out on these great workouts! 5:30 am start.

Remember tomorrow is Braelinn Elementary!!

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


Cool temps hot people - Stuff is coming up - May the 4th be with you 

Temps should be perfect for the run tomorrow! Come out and enjoy the fellowship of friends! If the wifi on this plane worked better, I'd be writing about the exact dates, times, and locations of the upcoming All American 5K, Big Spring Ruck, and shooting thing. Be there for all of them! 

I do happen to remember the ruck is on May 4th at 10:00 am. This will be a big event for HNL and we're hoping to have a great turnout. The 10 mile ruck will happen AFTER next week's run so stock up on broken glass this week and eat some for breakfast next Saturday. Check the FB event for the link to contribute dog food and supplies for Healing 4 Heros, our partner for this event. FUN TIMES!!

Tomorrow all loops will be at Drake.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min



Coming events – Runtoberfest - Easter egg hunt

Check out these events coming up!

Run the Ridge – Tomorrow - https://sctlandtrust.org/run-the-ridge-5k/

Big Spring Ruck – 5/4/2019 - https://www.facebook.com/events/341449189780135/

The Barn Group Skeet Shoot – 5/18/2019 - https://www.facebook.com/events/330057001193893/

All American 5K and 10K – 5/25/2019- https://ptcrc.com/all-american-5k-and-10k/


Great stuff you should support! Please sign up for one or all of these events organized by some great HNLiens!

Runtoberfest is gonna be great. That is all. Great meeting with some awesome leaders. If you are interested in volunteering to help get us ready, let me know and I can give you a list of people needing help and how you can fit in. Thanks to all who showed! Thanks to Dori and Leslie who packed the domestic violence go bags while we met about the race. So good. Also, Leslie’s prayer skills are on point.

Got lots of small bottles for tomorrow’s Easter egg hunt.  This is not for children. This is not for responsible adults. This is for crazy runner people who sometimes drink. We’ll be at Drake for the loops and the hunt so come ready to stay a bit later than normal. Here’s how it’ll go down:

6:30 – 60 min loop

7:30 – 30 min Easter egg hunt

8:00 – Easter egg samples

8:05 – 30 min loop

That’s right, samples before the 30 min loop. No whining or complaining, just take your medicine.


Runtoberfest Planning – mattress success – marathon training plan – Big spring ruck - ** NEW Run location** - April Challenge

Feeling fresh AF in this spring weather today. Hope to see lots of you this weekend and at some of the stuff we’ve got going on next week. Post spring break is a great time to get back out there and feel the HNL love. Join us, you won’t regret it!

Believe it or not, the first Runtoberfest meeting is upon us. We’ll meet this coming Thursday at HNL HQ (6000 Shakerag Hill #104). Meeting starts at 7:30 pm sharp and will not last more than one hour. If you’re on the committee, be there. If you want to be on the committee, be there. If you just want to see how the sausage is made, be there. Lots of sausage. Um, yea. The first meeting will be about who’s doing what and then we’ll argue about dates for the race. In addition, we’ll stuff the domestic violence go bags to be delivered to Promise Place later. Should be a productive evening.

I know you’ve read about this a million times on social media but I’ve got to mention it here. We delivered a mattress to a Fayette County student yesterday and it was awesome. Leslie and I were at a Dignity Store meeting at Flat Rock Middle when one of the social workers asked if we might be able to help a student who needs a mattress. Social worker doesn’t even have the question out of her mouth and Leslie was all, “yep”. We reached out to Verlo cause we know they’re good people and they made it happen. Felt great to see the student’s reaction when we delivered it. So fun. It was also fun to watch Geoff and Matt lift and carry stuff while I handled the door knocking part. HNLiens getting it done!

Izzy and Emily are developing the training plan we’re gonna use for the St. Jude full. More on that soon. The training plan will conveniently feature a low mileage weekend for Runtoberfest. Choice. Thanks to those ladies for setting that up!

Don't forget the big spring ruck on May the fourth. Need lots of support here! 10:00 am start, pack with 20% of your body weight, 10 miles. This will happen AFTER the run so eat your damn Wheaties that day. Matt Rusk has put some great work into this so lets show love! Line Creek start and finish. 

Hoping for a large crowd tomorrow! I heard Sam was coming from Atlanta, Brooke from Germany, and David from Waterwood Bend. We’ll meet at Kmart on Crosstown for all loops!

All loops from Kmart, all times ante meridiem

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

Here’s a preview of the week ALL OF THESE EVENTS ARE FREE!!!!!:

Monday – Million Dollar Mile at McIntosh High School parking lot – 5:30 am

Tuesday – ReBoot 19 guerilla soccer at Drake – 5:30 am

Wednesday – Run options! - 5:00 am and 8:00 am

Thursday – Murph Training at Huddleston Pond – 5:30 am

Friday – ReBoot 19 Avenue PTC – 5:30 am

Special prize for anyone who can get to ALL FIVE events next week. Awarded at the next Saturday run.


NEW RUN LOCATION – 28th meetup – Ragnar Spot – Brooks 10K

I think we missed a year. Driving through Brooks yesterday reminded me that we haven’t run the 10K course in quite some time. I tend to be indulgent when it comes to nostalgia and something about those country hills and kudzu makes me think of you people.  It’s just one of a few personality traits I possess alongside impulsiveness and impatience which make my decision making abilities….no so great. So, after much consideration, I’ve decided to make an impulsive and self-serving decision to meet up at the old Brooks Elementary (116 Price Road Brooks, GA) tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

Don’t forget the HNL meetup at HNL HQ this Thursday evening at 7:00 pm to order the supplies we’ll stuff into the domestic violence bags. These "go bags" will later be packed with love and donated to Promise Place for women escaping domestic violence. Put your hands on this and help people feel the love! This is one of the easiest ways to get involved with what we do.

Looking for females who would like to do the Ragnar Relay on 4/12-4/13. Need two for the overnight relay with an all-female team. Entry is roughly $135ea and then split the RV (shower after each run, sleep in a real bed and have a kitchen and outdoor grill) cost $43ea. Can pay 1/2 now and other 1/2 at race. When this was sent to me it said, “we don’t want to pitch tents.” You’ll be disappointed to learn I did not reply despite that well served softball writing prompt.

Tomorrow we meet in Brooks, Georgia. Do not let your phone send you to Coweta County with this address!!! 116 Price Road Brooks, GA.

6:30 – 30 min out and back

7:00 – Brooks 10K course WITH front to backs

8:ish – Enjoy the goodness from a badass basket of fun stuff



Publix Meetup Info – HNL Opportunity – March 28th Meeting – wiener gang – tomorrows run

If anybody needs a Publix half or full marathon bib, stick your hand out the window and grab one. So many free race entries out there. If you’d like to meet and ride together on Sunday be at the north Kroger (the one near Target in PTC) at 5:20 for a 5:30 departure. No clue where to park in ATL so if you’ve got a good spot, send that knowledge along. I’m going to get some bibs today so if you need me to pick yours up, text me the info. If you don’t know my cell phone number we’re probably not good enough friends for you to ask such a favor. Send me a FB messenger thingy and ask me for my number. Don't make it weird.

One of our awesome partners is offering a $4,000 grant to a south side charity for the purpose of helping children. Here’s where you come in. We’d like to hear your ideas. Please engage your children in this as well. We can win this thing with the right idea and the right energy. Good ideas are unique. Good ideas are fun. Put your thinking caps on and get us an idea or two within the next week. Once we decide on an idea, we’ll put some effort into shining it up and bringing home the win! Got some good ideas already and hope to get some more before we choose one next week.

On March 28 we’ll meet at HNL HQ for the bag gear ordering session we were supposed to have last week. Camper selection took too long so we had to push the gear ordering to its own meeting. On the 28th we’ll meet at 7:00 pm to order the supplies we’ll stuff into the domestic violence bags. These "go bags" will later be packed with love and donated to Promise Place for women escaping domestic violence. Come out and help! This is a great way to put your mark on some good stuff we’re doing!

Wiener Gang meets for healthy lunch again today! We’re at Vitality Bowl on Crosstown for lunch at 12:30 today. Be there! April Evans will be in attendance to accept all of your gracious praise for her work creating our awesome HNL stuff to include the St. Patrick's Day phoenix guy. She's the best!

Need some leaders to step up tomorrow! All the loops! Need leaders for each.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – 30 min


Shamrock 10K/5K – Camp Grants – Memphis Trip – ReBoot week - Publix Race – Ruck HNL Sunday

Happy Women's Day! One of the best things about our group is the brilliance and strength of HNL women. You are all great role models for your children and others who see you. Pushing your boundaries, departing the comfort zone, giving your time and effort for others, supporting each other. Much love and respect, keep it up!

Believe it or not, the weather looks great for the annual Shamrock 10K! Remember a few things:

  1. Race starts at 7:00 am at Georgia Shrimp. Show early for the photo and pre-race beer. I will set the course tonight with poor quality markings and uninterpretable signals. Half race, half puzzle, all fun! Yes, there will be a 5K turnaround option. No, I’m not interested in improving my course marking performance. (Rob, got time to help drive broken stakes into the ground like last year?)
  2. Share something to eat or drink. Dee is always nice enough to provide the space, time, and goodness, bring something for everyone.
  3. Despite the forecast, it will rain. Be ready for that. Why? It ALWAYS RAINS for this race.
  4. Spread the word. While we don’t want EVERYBODY in the community, we do want SOME BODIES.

As I know you’ve all seen, the camp grant meeting went really well last night. Thanks to the folks that showed. The go bag meeting never happened due to the time taken on the camp grants so BOLO for the new go bag shopping meeting. Need help here!

If you’ve got your mind right, better start making accommodations for St. Jude in December. Hotels are already filling fast! Thanks to a great response on the volunteer opportunity, we’re scheduled to cook and serve dinner at the FedEx Family House the night before the race. I’m really excited for this trip and it’s in December. You get to read all about it for the next nine months.

It’s been great to see the turnout we’ve had for the Monday activities. This month we’re at Riley Track each Monday for a 5:30 start. Come out and get your speed fix. It’s going to be a week packed with stuff so don’t forget ReBoot Tuesday, McDuff Wednesday, Murph training Thursday, ReBoot at Avenue on Friday! Get off your tail and come sweat with us! All free!

Next week is the Publix race in Atlanta. I think we’ve got a decent size group running but there will still be a coordinated PTC run….just need someone to step up with the plan most convenient to them before next Friday.

There will be a short ruck on Sunday. If you’ve not liked our Ruck HNL page, please get that done. If you don’t have FB, like us on AOL. If you’ve given up social media for Lent, pray about this. We need Jesus up in here.

Shamrock 10K, sponsored by Georgia Shrimp:

6:30 – Pre-race beers and yoga with Matt Tuff

7:00 – Race start

7:07 – Pre-race beer upset tummy

7:23 – Post-race Bloody Mary dreams

10:15 - Regerts


NEW LOCATION - Mondays (and other days) in march - St jude volunteer opportunity - wiener gang Fridays

Happy March! It’s been great seeing the sun on the horizon after the workouts this week. Read below for your opportunity to share an early morning experience with us this month. Don’t miss out!

Tomorrow we’ll meet at Huddleston Elementary for all the loops. It’s on McIntosh Trail in PTC across from the amphitheater (<--That is not an easy word to spell). Come out and do what you can with some nice folks. Temps should be perfect.

There are LOTS of opportunities for you to get off that ass in March. First, ReBoot meets each and every Tuesday and Friday. This is a 100% free bootcamp. No strings attached. Second, HNL will meet each Monday at Riley Track (Wisdom Road) at 530 for hard work. We’ll have lots of options for runs Wednesday mornings and Murph preparation Thursdays. We haven’t had a zombie apocalypse training in a while and McDuff is feeling neglected so get your minds right this month and join us for the fun!

If you don’t know, all the cool kids are going to Memphis in December. The St. Jude Marathon Weekend is going to be epic. We may have a pretty big group going. We will be planning for this event soon so speak up if you want to be part of the fun. We have three full marathon virgins running and we’d love to have more. We’ll travel to Memphis on 12/6 and return 12/8. Race registration opens in June but we need to plan for some things now. Please send me a message if this race will be your first full or half marathon so we can make a big deal out of your accomplishment.

I realize it’s early but we’ve got a great opportunity to volunteer on the evening before the race. The FedEx Family House provides free accommodations to out of town patients of Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. If we can get 10 people interested, we’ll supply, cook, and serve dinner to families staying at the house on 12/6. We can bring more people if we get more interest but I don’t want to agree unless we get 10. This is an awesome experience to serve in a really cool environment (http://www.fedexfamilyhouse.org). Please let me know if I can count you in. Once we get to 10, I’ll send the application to them and confirm our spot. Let me know ASAP as this date will soon be taken if we don’t confirm. I guarantee you’ll have a better race after serving these kids and their families!

Finally, Friday’s in March = Wiener Gang healthy eating. We’ll start today at Salad Express at 1230 and discuss where next Friday will be. Ryan wanted to change the name to salad squad. This is the same guy who came up with the name Runtoberfest. Full of ideas. Come out on Friday and hang out. You won’t regret it.

All loops from Huddleston Elementary

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – 30 min (walk/run friendly)


Dates to remember - RUCK FLAG - Monday funday - perfect weather loops

Loving this great weather! Tomorrow should be in the 50s and perfect for running. I’m short on time so here’s some important dates to remember!

March 9 – Shamrock 10K

March 17 – Publix Half

May 4 – Big Spring Ruck

Speaking of the Ruck, please like our new Ruck HNL page on FB! https://www.facebook.com/RuckHNL/ One of our HNLiens Matt Rusk is doing big things getting our ruck project going. He met with Healing 4 Heroes last week about making them the beneficiary of our big spring ruck. This needs to be a big event for us so like the page and start getting ready for the event with us! Check out our badass new flag!

If you've been coming out to the Monday fun, you're gonna love the next one! This will be the last Monday of February and we're going to run several hills in one loop. March Mondays will be at the track! Come out for the last Monday hill roulette!

Tomorrows loops are all from Drake

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – 30 min


NEW LOCATION - Laundry fairies – rain – case of the Mondays – golf course run - Valentine's Day Pizza Party - Shamrock 10k bring food!

Thanks for showing up at the photo last week!

BOLO for the laundry fairy. HNL put together 38 baggies of quarters and fabric softener sheets for local laundromats. The idea is to help someone with a small gesture of kindness. “This load is on us” laundry fairy bags will be at the run tomorrow. Please grab a few and help us spread them far. Also, no smart ass comments about the note. For some reason, each and every idea sounded dirty and this is the best the group came up with. Thanks to Leslie for this outstanding idea!

Don’t look at the weather, it’s rainy. In fact, it’s rainy for the next week. Suck it up, buttercup. We need to see you at our stuff. Don’t let the rain stop you.

You’ve been skipping the Monday workouts? Stop being a loser. Come out Monday morning for hill brutality like you’ve never experienced. Legs aching, lungs burning, feet screaming….not sure why everyone isn’t there. Maybe it’s the messaging. This Monday will be hill-less. We’ll take turns letting Matt massage your feet. Pay attention to FB Sunday night for the location.

Anticipating rain tomorrow we’ll do the golf course run. Seriously fun route about 6+ miles so we’ll push the next loop back a bit. Should be awesome!

Our pizza party happened yesterday at CHOA! Thanks so much to everyone who donated to feed the entire Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorder Unit. Valentine's Day was a little better thanks to you!

Don't forget about our Shamrock 10K on March 9th at 7:00 am starting in front of Georgia Shrimp! Like usual, you'll need to bring food to share. Plan ahead!

The meet spot is Scott Porters parking spot in front of the dance academy or Fresh Market parking lot. Whoever gets there first picks!

6:30 – 65 to 70 min

7:45 – 30 min

8:15 – 30 min walk/run


Children’s Heathcare of Atlanta Pizza Party – Photo with Fayette Chamber – walk/ruck tomorrow - Mercedes Racers - **TIME SHIFT**

Don’t miss tomorrow! We’re collecting cash for the HNL Pizza Party at CHOA. In 2014 we had pizza delivered to the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center for all the patients, their families, and the staff. We’re doing it again! We need to raise about $500 to get it done and that’s been a pretty easy mark for us to hit in the past. Please bring dollars with you when you show up tomorrow or donate online here: https://my.cheddarup.com/c/aflac-cancer-blood-disorder-center-at-children-s-healthcare

We’ve partnered with CHOA on other projects before and will continue to be supporters of theirs in the future. They do great work. Shout out to our own CHOA HNLien Natalie! Here is a photo of some awesome CHOA employees giving out the goods from our last party:

Need everyone to be photo shoot fresh tomorrow! We’ll meet up with the new president of the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce as he visits 100 members in 100 days. The photo happens at 730 am at Drake and we need EVERY available body. Our last loop finishes at 730 tomorrow so we’ll have lots of people dressed as runners. Need some normally clothed people. Maybe David could wear his toga? After the photo we’ll do a 30 min walk (feel free to bring a pack and make it a ruck) so everyone is welcome to join the party. Please make an effort to be there! We need YOU!

Good luck to the Mercedes Half Marathon runners this weekend! Good luck to Emily, Stacy, Izzy, and Jennifer representing HNL in Birmingham! Get after it!

Here are the loop options - note the earlier than normal start!!

6:00 – 60 min

7:00 – 30 min

7:30 – Photo then 30 min walk




Fayette Chamber photo – Camp Grant – Wiener gang – Monday workout

Ok. This is big. We need everyone to participate. Next Saturday (NOT TOMORROW) the Fayette Chamber of Commerce wants to take a picture with HNL for their 100 member businesses in 100 days campaign. On February 9 at 7:30 the Fayette Chamber of Commerce President will be at Drake for a photo of HNL. WE. NEED. YOU. I don’t care if we haven’t seen you in months or years. Need you. We’ll have a walk starting at 7:30 so everyone can participate after the photo. I don’t ask for much (that’s a lie) but we need you now. I want to see Cory, Sam, Brooke, Rodney, John, Tena, Julie (all of them), Amanda (each of those), Shoshana (only one that I know of), each and every C25Ker ever, and Jennifer damn Carney out there. Please mark your calendar. Be there and support our organization.

The 2019 HNL Camp Grant is live! Before we had a venue for the Runtoberfest we had a cause. We want to send kids to camp this year. Please spread the word about our camp grant. If you look up at the top of this page, you’ll see the grant application. Kids can fill it out on their own or an adult can fill it out for them. We need to get this in the hands of kids and coaches and teachers. Spread it far and wide. I will be bugging you about this for months so please get used to sharing it early and often. Post it on all your social media platforms and email it to your kids coaches and teachers. This is gonna be great!

Wiener gang is changing it up tomorrow. We’re meeting for sushi at Sushi Tomi (286 GA 74, Peachtree City, GA 30269) at noon for lunch. Expect more touring for the wiener gang in the coming months. We’re broadening our horizons.

The Monday hill might or might not be the location of the Monday morning workout. There is a FB poll on the HNL run group page which will decide the location of February’s Monday workouts. Vote if you’re on FB.

Tomorrow we’ll be at Drake for three loops.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – 30 min IF and C25K folks show we’ll do a walk run.


NEW LOCATION!! - Pancake run - shamrock 10k - camp grant questionnaire

It’s the most popular social event of the winter! The 28th annual Kiwanis pancake breakfast will be held at McIntosh High School tomorrow morning. All of our run loops will start and end there as well. After the loops, we’ll have a pancake eating contest. Tickets are available here:


Purchase tickets before you get there and pick them up before the eating begins!

You don’t need to be a runner to come out and enjoy the pancakes and fellowship.  Eating begins around 8:30.

The Shamrock 10K is happening on March 9 at Georgia Shrimp. The FB event is live. Check this awesome work by April!! Thank you!!


Wiener gang is on today at noon. You don’t want to miss the show Ryan is gonna put on today. He’s developed a genius idea….WeinerCon 2019.  This is guaranteed to be a fantastic event. We’ll be planning this over the next few weeks.

We had a great meeting this week about our camp grant. The grant questionnaire is ready and will be published online in about a week. Once it drops we’ll need help promoting it so be ready to spread the word.

Couch to 5K is on tomorrow. Let’s try 2:00 walk and 2:00 run for 30 min.

Remember the new location tomorrow! McIntosh High School!

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - 30 min C25K     


Back at Drake – Camp grants Meeting – St Paddy’s Day 10K – Monday of service - Fayette Chamber of Commerce

Tomorrow all the loops will start and end at Drake.  Plenty of parking for all you lurkers ready to come out and give this group running thing a try. If you’re just getting back into running this is the perfect time to come and try us out. You’ll see that most of us don’t bite and very few are rude. Nobody gets left behind. Be there.

On Monday evening we’ll have our first camp grant committee meeting. If I didn’t send you a message and you’d like to be on the committee, HMU and let me know ASAP. The grant application should be up and available by Feb 1. Once the application is up, we’ll need some help spreading the word so be ready to help get the message out there. This is where our Runtoberfest race proceeds are going and its very exciting!

Mark your calendars for our annual St. Patrick’s Day 10K on March 9th at Georgia Shrimp. More info and a FB event page to follow.

The past three Monday mornings we’ve met at the Kedron Fieldhouse Rink for four hill suicides and one hundred pushups. This has been a great way to start the week and our numbers are increasing each week. Yes, it’s tough. That’s what makes it so great! How much do you really know about yourself until you push the limits of your endurance? Come see what all the fuss is about Monday at 5:30 am. Kids are off that day so bring them too. It’s all done at your own pace and more people participating makes it better. Commit.

We're fancy now. The Fayette Chamber of Commerce accepted our application and just like that HNL, Inc. is a bona fide member.  Not sure they fully grasp who've they've invited into the club but maybe we'll invite them out to a spring hash run for a ribbon cutting ceremony? Perhaps during the spring Ruck during the swamp crossing? Could be epic. More to come. 

Three loops tomorrow and the C25K gets a bit of a reset. If you haven’t been to C25K yet and still want to join or missed last week, come back! We’re gonna walk more tomorrow.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – 30 min C25K (2:00 walk 1:30 run)


LOCATION CHANGE - Ruck HNL – Flatness – Wiener Gang – C25K

Before you continue to read any of this nonsense please acknowledge that you understand all the running will start and end in the Kmart parking lot on Crosstown Drive in PTC. It’ll be a lonely morning if you show up at Drake. Please acknowledge this by clicking  here:

󠄀󠄀Օ - I acknowledge the run location is Kmart Crosstown.

If the circle above is not turning red, double click the circle.

If you are still not getting a red circle, attempt a triple click.

Stop. The circle doesn't change color. In fact, it doesn't do anything. If you triple clicked the box, you’re eligible for a free HNLiens magnet. HMU tomorrow and I’ll get it to you.

In case you didn't know, Ruck HNL is a thing. What is rucking? Well, it’s a lot like walking. Walking with a weighted pack. Walking with good friends who are also wearing weighted packs suffering the miles and conversation. Sound fun? Come give it a try this Sunday at 10:00 am starting from the same spot the run is starting from tomorrow. Matt Rusk is the OG who helps us identify the great causes we get involved with and provides the beer at the end….and in the middle. Join the page to keep following: https://www.facebook.com/RuckHNL/

The flatness will be upon you tomorrow. Some of y’all ladies know what’s up but the terrain will be flat tomorrow too. I heard all the love we had for hills last week so expect a break from the tough route tomorrow.

Thought I might mention that Wiener Gang is a thing still. Who knew. What is Wiener Gang? I have no clue. People keep showing up so we keep meeting. We meet in 30 mins at Sams so be there if you can. John will be organizing a Wienerman Class III government furlough support group, Ryan is testing for Boatswain’s Wiener Mate, and April has been nominated for Petty Wiener Officer II. You don’t want to miss out on the swag I've got today. Follow the most ridiculous nonsense you've seen all day at https://www.facebook.com/groups/222080802014334/

Couch to 5K (C25K) folks showing up in great numbers tomorrow! I can feel it. It’s not too late to join so get out to Kmart on Crosstown for 30 minutes of 2:00 run 1:30 walk. Gonna be a great day for it! The C25K group starts at 8:00. Don’t miss out! It’s a great way to burn those hot dogs off!

Here is the list of loops for tomorrow:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – 30 min C25K (1:30 walk 2:00 run)



New year, new runners! – yard project – C25K

Looking forward to seeing some new faces tomorrow! The biggest obstacle folks must overcome to joining us is the fear of uncertainty. I can hear their thoughts…I don’t know anyone, I’m too slow, I don’t want to hold the group up. I promise you can come out alone and you’re not too slow. This is the running group for all paces! We measure our runs by time so we all know what we’re in for. Be bold and come out and give it a try. What can it hurt? It’s free! Feeling not so bold? Make someone come with you. Tomorrow’s group will be a smaller one since we’ve got lots of folks at another event so tomorrow is the perfect day to be new!

Good luck to all the Red Nose Half runners tomorrow. I know y’all paid a pretty penny to get that registration. Get after it in these awesome temps!

We did the yard cleanup today and it was a massive success. We had over 20 people out there raking, cutting, and cleaning.  We put in a solid three hours of work and Matt Tuff will be back tomorrow if anyone wants to join. Thanks to Matt for coordinating this project for an elderly man who was very appreciative of our efforts. Thanks to all who showed up!

Tomorrow will be the first day of our 2019 couch to 5K (C25K) program. Each week there will be the C25K info posted with the run info below. The intervals will be posted so you’ll know what you’re in for. For example: 2:00 walk 2:00 run means we’ll walk two minutes then run two minutes then walk two minutes…and so on for a total of thirty minutes of exercise. Join up by showing up and commit to finishing the whole thing!

See you all at Drake for the first Saturday run of the year!

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – 30 min C25K 2:00 walk – 2:00 run


2018 review – Service project Thursday - NEW LOCATION TOMORROW – C25K 2019

It’s been one hell of a year, HNL. 2018 was a year of growth for our organization thanks to the hard work and commitment of the HNLiens donating and getting it done. Much love to the helpers in this world! From the Level Up Community Grant to The Dignity Store to Runtoberfest, our projects are gaining traction and really helping people. In 2018 we put lots of hygiene items in the hands of kids and adults at six different Dignity Store locations around the south metro area. Our newest location is doing really big things at North Clayton Middle School. Look for continued success and growth in this idea. We’ve got some seriously dedicated folks working on this to get it done but we can always use more. The American Legion needed new tables and chairs so HNL stepped up and helped our beloved vets get what they needed. We packed over 2000 meals for kids who didn’t have summer lunch. When school was back in session, we showed our appreciation for the custodial staff at Booth Middle with a fancy lunch served by HNL volunteers. A local mom faced a personal tragedy when her special needs son died in a tragic accident. When she woke up the next day to handle the terrible business of making funeral arrangements, her car’s tire was flat and she didn’t have a spare or the means to get it towed and fixed. Fayette DFCS called to see if HNL might be able to help. HNLiens and Mask Tire in Fayetteville got her on the road with the quickness. We granted a local kid the means to grow his business and he’s making us proud! We collected tons of gift cards for a family burned out of their home and made a miserable experience just a bit less miserable. It’s not about you Christmas constructed 455 care packages for homeless people and 200 back packs for kids who need school supplies. Last week we packed 40 care packages for elderly folks here in PTC then delivered a washing machine to a most deserving lady who was in need. In the past week we delivered a brand new laptop to a special needs student. His mom was blown away by the generosity HNL showed toward her son for Christmas. You also delivered a gift card for clothing to a student who was facing ridicule because she wears the same clothing to school every day. Kids can be so damn mean. In addition to all this awesomeness, we planned and executed our inaugural 5ishK race so that we can send kids to summer camp next year. Wow. So many people helped with all this. Your help is so appreciated. Thank you so much!!!!    

Hope to see everyone and their kids at our service project on Thursday. We’re doing a yard cleanup for a local man who just doesn’t have the ability to get it done himself. We’ll need the help of adults and kids alike. Bring rakes, blowers, and sweat. Details to be on the FB event ready this weekend. If you aren’t on FB, see Matt Tuff tomorrow for more info. This will be an awesome project to get the whole family involved. It’s a big yard, gonna need lots of help!

New location for both loops tomorrow. We’ll be at Shakerag Knoll on McIntosh Trail (across the street from Huddleston Elementary). Two loops, second loop has an out and back option for those wanting less than 60 min.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 60 min

Any love for another C25K program in the new year? How can we get more folks to stick to the whole thing?!


OBC – Camp Help – Christmas Eve run - Morning run

As you all probably know, HNL started as the weekend run option for Operation Bootcamp. We had our last OBC workout this morning and it’s been a depressing few weeks as we’ve been coming closer to the end. I am really grateful for the decade of friendship and exercise OBC has brought to us. All of you reading this have some connection to OBC or a bootcamper. Thanks to David for bringing OBC to PTC and being the godfather of HNL. Thank you!!!

With OBC not being a thing, there will be a new exercise group to fill the void. If you’ve never heard of November Project or F3, look it up. David and several others will try out November Project ATL on 12/26 if you’d like to join us on a recon. We’re thinking something like this could do really well in our area. There will also be more regular HNL weekday runs. This will all be free. Working out times, locations, and responsibilities will take a bit of time to settle so try and be flexible. We also need some leaders to step up and get in the mix. Let’s do different morning locations, get back to the track, get on those stadium stairs, flip tires, jeep laps. Taking down the paywall should make the group bigger. Expect intensity and accountability. 2019 has lots of fitness potential and I’m really excited about the new freshness coming to a pair of running shoes near you!

We’re organizing the committee to help select kids for camp. In the next month we’ll create the web based grant application, advertise to schools, and set up a process for making decisions. If you’d like to help, HMU. I will be asking some of you individually so don’t be weird about it. Just say yes.

Per tradition, we’ll have a Christmas Eve run. Starting from Home Depot we’ll see how far down McDuff we can make it. All are welcome and we’ll have an out and back agreement in place for those who’d like to do short distances. Leo has confirmed special Christmas drink will be there!  

There is a run tomorrow starting at Drake. Two loops.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 60 min

Be there!


Caroling postponed – choir practice – washing machine – run tomorrow

The rain sucks. Since it’s greater than 50% chance of rain tonight we’ll postpone the caroling till next Thursday night. It’s not a school night so no excuses about getting kids to bed.

There will be choir practice tonight at Georgia Shrimp in Murph’s Bar. We’ll start the warmup at 6:30 and stick around for dinner and more singing. Drop in, stay the whole time, don’t come at all, doesn’t matter to us. Ugly sweaters encouraged.

This week HNL was part of a pretty awesome project headed up by someone who desires not to be named. Her name rhymes with Teslie Lerek. She and some other nice folks like Tob Rhomas and Ray Edmondson made a very special delivery of a washing machine to a woman who was in serious need of one. She was so grateful and if you know the mystery people involved, you know they were happy to help. Sometimes it’s easy for us to take what we have for granted. It’s really great to know there are nice ladies in this world to help those who need it. 

HNL board meets next week and we’ll finalize the bags budget. I’ll be asking for your help. All the nice folks who sent me a message offering to help will be taken up on their offer soon. Be ready!

It’s difficult to believe but the rain might be over before the run tomorrow. We’ve had rain for two straight Saturdays! Come out and enjoy the decent temps and dry air. Should be a great day! Let’s get after it! Drake.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


Rainy morning – caroling – BAGS – Jennifer Carney

Just because rain is in the forecast does not mean you can miss your long run. The temps will be decent so don’t be scared. I saw the public works folks putting up the light tunnel on the path so I know Anna will be pleased with the route from Drake. Seriously. Suck it up and come take your medicine.

The HNL caroling event will happen on the evening of December 14 at 6:45 pm from Fresh Market. We want to have a massive turnout for this event so there have been some changes to the route. We will not run more than 4 miles and there will be a golf cart(s) for the non-runners. This is always a fun event so don’t miss it! If you live in the area and would like us to melt your face with our Christmas medley, HMU. If you are willing to host a drink stop, lemme know. There will be a FB event created soon so please sign up and make baby Jesus happy by declaring your intent to sing about him on 12/14.

We had a really great meeting a few weeks ago about a cool project we’re working on. We’re going to create fifteen bags for three different groups of people who need our help here in our community. So far, we’re planning to send five bags to DFCS for kids entering foster care from a deprivation or abuse case, Promise Place for women escaping domestic violence, and Fayette Senior Services for elderly people in need. The goal of these bags is to help these folks get what they need WHEN they need it. We brainstormed some awesome ideas for each group to include things like a pre-paid cell phone for domestic abuse survivors, journaling materials for foster kids, and pill reminders/cutters for the elderly. As always, we want to focus on really great things (read: high quality) these folks can rely on during some really rough experiences. This is where you come in. We need people to sign up for one of the bag teams to help research and order the stuff we’ll put in each bag. The qualifications for this job are: 1. Be a human 2. Have an opinion on what stuff might be better than other stuff. 3. Meet in person with a small group to discuss and help order then pack. That’s it! Once we get the bags made we’ll deliver to the agencies mentioned and wait. Once we learn which bags get the most mileage we can consider making this a bigger deal. CLICK HERE and let us know you’ve got that discerning taste we need to identify cool stuff for people who need it!

Did you hear Jennifer Carney is moving? Yea, me either. Looks like there was a concerted effort to keep this a secret to avoid a scene. Well, now we’re gonna have an online scene. Jennifer has been an HNLien since the start. As an HNL OG she knows the secret handshake and the original recipe to our brand. In fact, she’s a big part of what makes it so good. Her shy kindness is disarming and welcoming at the same time. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her angry or grumpy. She’s been a constant presence of calm and steadiness we’ll miss for sure. Thanks to Jennifer for all those hard working miles you put in with your friends!  We’ll miss you! Much love from HNL! Good luck!

All loops from Drake

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 60 min (30 min out and back if you desire)


11/17 - Turkey donation - turkey run - turkey turkey

Thanks to all who donated $$$ last week! We’re headed to Publix (PTC 54 East) for an 11:30 Thanksgiving shopping trip. Please come if you can make it. We’ll leave Publix and deliver the goodness to Bloom who will get it to the family we sponsored. Thanks so much for your help!

Good luck to the Soldier Half Marathon runners tomorrow. It’s going to be a hell of a day with the sun being out an all. Soak it up. Don’t go crazy, we got another half on Thanksgiving.

Plans are being made for the annual caroling event. If you live anywhere near Booth Middle School and would consider allowing a group of rapscallion carolers in your yard, HMU. Otherwise, order your inappropriate gear now! This years route will be MUCH shorter and much warmer. I guarantee it.

Here is a friendly reminder about the run on Thanksgiving Day. There will be lots of options. Come out and run whatever distance you like! From one mile to a half marathon, it’s all for the fun of it. We’ll start at Drake at 7:30 on Thursday. We’ll be collecting cash for Bloom and Real Life Center as well. Do not miss this!!

There will be two loops tomorrow. All loops start and end at Drake. If you’re looking for less than 60 min, consider an out and back on either loop. Choices!

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 60 min

That’s all! See you in the morning!


11/10 - veterans day - runtoberfest meeting - need $$$ for turkey - one way run

Shout out to all the veteran HNLiens out there. We’ll observe Veterans Day on Monday but this is the last chance I’ll get so here it is! We live in the greatest county on earth and our veterans are the best of what America is. We’re honored to have your type around. The selfless sacrifice and dedication of service members is so worthy of our respect and thanks. We couldn't be more proud to show you our love and support. Thank you for your service to our country!

The HNL Runtoberfest race committee had our final meeting last night (insert sad face here). We wanted to have the whole committee together as we read through the runner survey results. I got through seven words of my witty monologue when a voice sprang forth from the crowd. Murmurs of shock and surprise raced through the group as the interrupter squinted one eye and aimed a real crusher at me and my pad of prepared remarks……”Why doesn't this involve alcohol?”

Valid point.

Matt Tuff jumped up and rushed to the store for two twelve packs of the finest Michelob Ultra available. As we settled back in with our refreshing low carbohydrate beverages we were ready to face the truth of what people thought of the race. The remarks made by runners were just about all positive. There were just a few negative comments but that’s to be expected, right? You can’t make everyone happy. Of the ninety responses we got, each of the responses averaged over four out of five points. Since five is the highest score you can get, I’d say we did pretty good. We took 4.5% ABV notes and promise to do even better next year. Thanks again to all the people who helped us make it happen. Love you all.   

HNL has signed up to provide a family with Thanksgiving dinner! Bloom asked for volunteers and we signed up to help. The food is due Friday so we’ll go shopping this week. They need one frozen turkey and non-perishable, non-refrigerated sides for a family of five to six. We need some cash to make this happen. Bring it tomorrow and we’ll shop on Friday morning and deliver to Bloom same day. Gonna need some help shopping and delivering in addition to the $$$. If you've got cash, bring it tomorrow. If you can shop and deliver the goods, tell me! Gotta get this done this week so don’t forget those dollar bills tomorrow. You know how we do. None of that generic bull; only the finest turkey, dressing, and veggies our dollars can buy. Show love HNL! Let’s make it awesome for our sponsor family!

We’re going big tomorrow. ONE DAMN WAY. You heard/read that right, one damn way day. There are lots of options for everyone tomorrow if you don’t want to do one damn way day. Whatever time you need to get done, divide it in half and get ready to turn back at that time. The rest of us will continue on the one damn way day. The whole thing kicks off at 6:30 am. That means EVERYONE has to be at Drake at 6:30. There will not be any other options for start times tomorrow. EVERYBODY will start running at Drake at 6:30 no matter the distance you want. Get out of bed and join us!

This is where you have to make a choice.

Only those participating in the eleven mile one damn way day will meet at Publix on south 74 at 6:15. DO NOT BE LATE. We will leave Publix at 6:20 and be at Drake for the 6:30 start. If you’re doing less than eleven miles tomorrow just meet at Drake for the 6:30 start with an idea in your mind about when you need to turn around. Once it’s all over, the people at Publix who ran the entire one damn way day will remain and can take care of the people who drove us to Drake.

Publix 74 South in PTC

6:15 SHARP – 110 Minutes (ONE WAY RUNNERS ONLY meet at Publix on 74 south)


6:30 – 90 minutes

6:30 – 60 minutes

6:30 – 30 minutes

6:30 – 15 minutes

6:30 – 7.5 minutes


11/3 Marathon Ladies – Pancake Run – Take off your pants for a good cause – New location!!!         

Good luck to all the HNL marathoners and half marathoners running this weekend! The NYC and Savannah races are lucky enough to have HNLiens running. Y’all did a hell of a job training, get after it this weekend!

We’re gonna run for pancakes tomorrow. There will be two loops then we’ll walk to my house for pancakes. If you bring anything tomorrow, please cook it before you bring it. This does not apply to plates, cups, forks, OJ, butter, pancakes or champagne. If you haven’t signed up for any of it, check the FB event page for more details.

Remember all that noise I made about jeans for Rachel’s Ray of Hope? Well, lots of them never made it to the store. Let’s change that. I need you to bring me your Jeans. All of them. If you have any jeans you can donate, please bring them to the run tomorrow and we’ll get them over to Rachel’s Ray of Hope. There are some kids out there who need jeans for the fall and winter and you can help. All ages and all sizes are needed. Seriously, don’t show up empty handed. Put them in your car TONIGHT. I’ll report back on the number we donate so please help.

We’ve been at Drake for waaaaaayyyy too long. Couch to 5K and race prep made Drake the easy spot. We’re going to meet in a new location tomorrow for the two loops. Meet at St. Andrews Episcopal 316 N Peachtree Pkwy, Peachtree City, GA 30269 for all the goodness.

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min


RACE day tomorrow! run too!

Tomorrow is the day! Thanks to all who have helped make the HNL Runtoberfest 5K a reality. The swag bag is phenomenal, the shirts are out of this world, the venue is ready, the course is brutal. What more could you ask for?! We’ve been planning this for so long I’m gonna miss it once it’s over. Be on the lookout for a prost race survey! We need to learn from this experience so be honest! Even if you’re not running the race tomorrow please come hang out with us tonight from 4 to 7 at Line Creek Brewery or tomorrow morning!

If you are an HNLien or volunteer coming tomorrow, please park in the back of the building.

Please take photos and video of the event and party. If you’ve got a GoPro, bring it! We need footage and photos for next year’s event marketing.

There is a run option for those brave enough. We’ll start our weekly run from Line Creek Brewery tomorrow! Be there!

5:20 – 70 min two loops

6:00 – 30 min one loop

The 6:00 am loop will be the race course so if you’re registered to race but can’t here is your chance to earn that shirt.

See you dark and early!


Peachtree City Classic - Early options - runtoberfest

Good luck to the runners of the PTC Classic tomorrow! The PTCRC does an awesome job of hosting this great race every year and I have no doubt tomorrow will be phenomenal. This is the first time I'll miss this race in many years but kids sports is pulling me away. If you're running tomorrow please represent HNL by wearing your finest gear.

For those few not running the classic tomorrow we have an early option if you're interested. See below.

The Runtoberfest planning is done and the only thing left is to execute. Thanks so much to the volunteers who've put in countless hours to get this thing going. I know its going to go smoothly. Thanks for all your help!

Here are the two loops offered tomorrow from Drake:

6:00 - 30 min

6:30 - 60 min

Hope to see some photos from the Classic!


10/13 - get out the pumpkin spice fleece - HNL Runtoberfest is sold out! - double help - run info

How bout this weather! Gonna be a great day for running and coffee tomorrow. The pancake thing is postponed since lots of people have stuff going on tomorrow. It’ll be on 11/3. 

Great job on selling out our first official race! Thanks so much to the people who've been involved so far and the ones who are about to be. This will be a super high quality event and a perfect example of how we can get things done when we team up and spread the work out. Next level stuff, y'all. Nice work.

Still need you to click here and sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0849aba823a1fc1-hnlruntoberfest

We’ll have an awesome volunteer shirt for you and if you do a really good job, we’ll say nice things about you when you aren’t around. Seriously, help us out. The sold out race is happening on 10/27 and we need just a few more spots.

If you’re on this list we need you at the next race meeting on 10/18 at 6:30 pm. We’ll meet at the official HNL headquarters now located at 6000 Shakerag Hill #104, Peachtree City, GA 30269.

Linda, Capt. Tuff, Marc, Amy, Izzy, Lindsey, Melissa, Shannon, Julie, Lindsey, All Scotts. PLEASE make an effort to be there!

Here is a look at the schedule for the week of the race:

Thursday 10/18
7:00 PM – Volunteer meeting

Thursday 10/25
6:30 PM – Bag stuffing/LAST RACE MEETING at HNL, Inc.

Friday 10/26
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Course marking
2:00 PM – Porta Potty delivery
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM Packet pickup LCB

This is going to be a great event for all involved. Can’t wait to see the stories of the kids we will be sending to camp with all this effort. Thanks to all involved for your help!

The loops tomorrow are Drake loops in the cool morning goodness. Be there!

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K (5:00 run :30 walk)


10/6 - HELP!


We need help! There are a few things we still need before the race (which is six runners from being sold out) on the 27th. Here is what we need:

1. Click this link and sign up for something https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0849aba823a1fc1-hnlruntoberfest

2. We need to borrow your six seat golf cart. Seriously. We'll bring it back.

3. I need some GoPro and drone footage help. If you have a GoPro, bring it. If you have a camera on a drone, fly it. If you take photos, get them to me.

That's not so bad, right? Please help us with this so it all goes smoothly. We'll have the packet stuffing party on 10/25, packet pickup at Line Creek on 10/26, race on 10/27. Anna is looking for traffic cones (30 to 50), Izzy is looking for a clock and inflatable arch, Capt. Matt Tuff is looking for traffic vests. If you have a line on any of these things, reach out to them and help make their lives easier.

The race bags are ordered and they look pretty awesome, race and volunteer shirts are on the way, race prizes are delicate and German AF, Hoo-rags been here waiting, temporary tattoos which read, "I don't give a schnitzel" are here. So much great stuff. Psyched.

Did anybody see our shoutout in the Fayette Community Source magazine story on "The local running scene"? Thanks to Joe for showing us some love:

RUN HNL: This is the fastest growing local running group,and it takes running to a "Hole Nother Level (HNL)" with lots of themed running activities, many of which support local charities. This group is fun and active, albeit non-traditional.

Love it! Hope to keep living up to the non-traditional part.

Let's run!

All loops from Drake. I'll be deep in the Ozarks and Capt. Tuff is fishing so we need some loop leaders tomorrow.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K (4:30 run :30 walk)

See you next week for the post run pancake goodness. Sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/304723203663583/


9/29 - judge kavanaugh confirmation run - race getting close - sunrise 30 min - gift cards - Sunday ruck

The Senate Judiciary Committee will join us tomorrow for our opinions on their vote today. Come ready to discuss.

We're less than a month from our race. Things are really coming along! Thanks to the race committee for all your hard work, we're going to have such a great time. If you've not signed up for the race, do it now! There are less than 50 spots left. The volunteer signup is here for those who would like to help: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0849aba823a1fc1-hnlruntoberfest

We had the Booth custodian lunch today and it was awesome. Thanks to all who came out. They refuse to be named so I won't but the lunch was greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Don't miss the 30 min run tomorrow starting right when the sun rises! We'll run east into the brightness. Expecting to see some HNL OGs for this portion tomorrow. Come out of your comfort zone and make this happen. Exercise is a great stress relief. Relieve yourself.

Tomorrow we'll be collecting gift cards for flooding victims in North Carolina. There are lots of people up there struggling to make ends meet and we'd like to help with some of those needs for the babies and kids. Any gift cards are great but ones they can use to buy diapers, formula, and the like are greatly appreciated.

This Sunday at 1:00 PM we're rucking. That's right, rucking. Come out and join us for a miles long ruck starting at PTC K-Mart. If you live in PTC and want us to come by and pick you up to say hi, lemme know.

Here is the Drake info for the run tomorrow:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - 30 min C25K (4:00 run :30 walk)

PS check our badass race bib!


9/22 - New times - booth middle school help!

Look out for a few changes in the morning. We'll start a bit early for those who's like to and we need some leadership at 7:30 and 8:00.

The Booth Middle School Custodian lunch is on. We'll serve the entire custodial staff lunch in the front office conference room at 1:30 on Friday. We still need two more volunteers between 1:00 and 2:30. This is a great way to serve some awesome people and I guarantee you'll have a good time. Let me know if you can help!

Our race numbers are getting close to maximum. We're over 230 and the stream of registrants is still steadily growing. It's getting pretty exciting. If you're on the race committee get ready to meet every Thursday in October. I'm working on the top finisher prizes (there are only six, top three males and females) and really like a beer stein as trophy. If you've got any really great ideas about what you think they should be please reach out. I'm not saying that we'll use it but I'd love to hear about any other creative ideas you might have.

Ok, tomorrow the temps are good but the humidity is high. Suck it up and get your tail out there. We need a group lead for both the 30 min loop and the C25K. For really. All loops Drake.

6:00 - NEW TIME - 30 min

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K (3:30 run 0:30 walk)


9/15 - Runtoberfest and Booth help - shark stuff - c25k up to 3:00!

I feel like the baby shark song really helps us deal with stress. Everyone’s got the little and easy to deal with baby shark problems, right?  What happens when they get bigger? You know, grandma shark problems. Good news. Just swim faster. Swim faster and bye bye sharks. If you’re dealing with grandma shark problems, come work some of it out with HNL and this uplifting song. Seriously, check the lyrics below and think about the meaning of them. Don’t miss the end! *Spoiler alert* the fish makes it.   

Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark.

Mama shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Mama shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Mama shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Mama shark.

Papa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Papa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Papa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Papa shark.

Grandma shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandma shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandma shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandma shark.

Grandpa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandpa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandpa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandpa shark.

Hungry sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Hungry sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Hungry sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Hungry sharks.

Little fish, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Little fish, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Little fish, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Little fish.

Swim away, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim away, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim away, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim away.

Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster.

Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster.

Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster.

Safe at last, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Safe at last, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Safe at last, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Safe at last.

Bye bye sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Bye bye sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Bye bye sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Bye bye sharks.

It’s such a good song. You’ve gotta listen to it 17 million times before it gets old.

Good news this week for HNL! We’ve got almost 200 people signed up for the race. We met last night and put together a list of things we need for the day of the race. We need your help! Amy is going to have the volunteer signup soon where you can volunteer your time at the race and get a sweet shirt for your efforts! If you visit Line Creek Brewery anytime soon, tell them how much you love the race signs they’ve got on the tables. Special thanks to Melissa for the hours of work she’s put into this race so far. We’ve got lots of great help for this event and she’s always there to contribute.

The Dignity Store has all the shelves stocked and a volunteer committed to every location. Anna, Christina, Julie, Carrie, Amanda, Leslie and Mandy are going to keep up with our inventory and our partnerships with the schools. This idea keeps growing and we’re lucky to have such awesome help. Thank you!

The Booth custodian service is on! We’ve got menus going out to the Booth Middle Custodial staff for the lunch we’ll serve on 9/28. We still need some help here so if you could spare an hour or so, we’d appreciate it. Please let me know tomorrow if you can!

The laundry machine project got a boost this week with some help from a local elementary school counselor who knows of a local family of five who is in desperate need of a washer and dryer. We’re in the process of learning more about them and will keep you updated about what we learn. The idea for this came to us from the bleak environment that is a laundromat.  There are lots of people right here in our community who are having to carry their laundry (sometimes on foot) to a nearby laundromat where they spend lots of money on doing their wash. We want to reduce the time and cost for these people by purchasing and installing a washer and dryer in their home. Laundry sucks. Having to haul it to a public place, pay too much to do it, then drag it home really sucks. If we find the right people, we’ll make life a bit easier for them.

It’s not too late to jump into the couch to 5K program! Come out tomorrow! 3:00 run, 1:00 walk. Be there!

All loops Drake tomorrow:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K (3:00 run 1:00 walk)  


9/8 7 run - Runtoberfest update - Dignity Store news

Dear HNL,

I thought about you all day. Can't even help it. Seems like the years are rushing by and we're still searching for the meaning of all this. It's almost like it was meant to be, right? Remember that time way back in the day we went to the hash run in Atlanta and got shoved into the sewer? How about the time when Emily was pregnant and she couldn't be bothered to even barely wade into the woods before dropping her pants to pee. How about that one time at David's house we stayed so late he went to bed without even saying goodnight? Yea. Those were the days. Here is why I can't stop thinking about you. The best days are ahead of us. Big things are happening and we're making a difference for people and having fun along the way. Pretty cool. I don't want to come off too strong but.....I'm pretty sure you're my favorite running group. There. I said it. Well, I hope you feel the same and I can't wait until Emily gets pregnant so we can all be together while she sprays her bodily fluids all over the cart path again.

All my love,


Now that we've got the sentimental stuff out of the way...Tomorrow is 9/8 so the first loop will start 10 minuets early so we can get 7 miles in. Get it? 9/8 7? There will be a 30 min run at 7:30 and the couch to 5K group meets at 8:00. All at Drake.

Runtoberfest numbers are over the halfway point and we need your help to get us the rest of the way. Share, advertise, influence! Let's get to 300 this month! Race committee people met this week and we have a badass shirt design picked out. It's seriously cool. We met with the brewery and worked out some details there too. If you are on the race committee and haven't read the freedcamp post on the LCB meeting, please do. Julie and Marc have some important info there.

The Dignity Store opened the new location at North Clayton Middle thanks to Amanda and Cummins. It was an awesome event and we really appreciate Amanda's hard work on getting this done. It would be totally awesome if she and her sister Maggie came back to run with us. Maybe one day. Keller Williams' non-profit Kares 4 Kids took The Dignity Store shopping this week and we picked up $1400 worth of hygiene items for kids in need! Thanks to Matt Tuff's awesome company for doing this and our very own Tracy Kirkland for taking us along. I've got to apologize for my terrible error, however. During the start of the event, they let the charities introduce themselves and I failed to mention Leslie as I told them what The Dignity Store was. Truth is, she is the largest part of it. You cannot imagine the time and love she puts into all of our locations and we're truly grateful for her efforts. Thank you Leslie! She's gonna be mad I wrote this cause she didn't notice my omission but I felt terrible.

That's all for now. Be on the lookout for an opportunity to help in the next few weeks. We're serving the janitorial staff at Booth Middle a fancy lunch. These awesome folks work really hard for the kids and we're going to honor them with a lunch from Longhorn. If you'd be available to help set up or serve, let me know tomorrow and we'l get you in there like swimwear. This will most likely be the last Friday of the month at about 1:30 for a staff of 8.

Here are the details on the run

6:20 - 70 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K (run 2:30 walk 1:00)



Rabbit rabbit! - fresh duration, location, and times - Runtoberfest Price increase

It's the first day of September and superstition requires you to say rabbit rabbit on the first day of the month so the rabbit will run away with your problems. This is nonsense but some of y'all got bills that need a third rabbit in there so give it a try. Speaking of Tri, our own Scott Porter is competing at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship this weekend. I was gonna let him know that there are races in this hemisphere but he was already underway; steaming toward a swim in the Indian Ocean and hard ass work in the African sun. There is no doubt Mr. Porter has his mind right. Good luck, buddy! 

If you are planning on running the normal 60 or 30 min loop tomorrow please pay attention to the location and time changes tomorrow. The 90 min loop will run with the 30 min loop. The C25K is in the normal spot at Drake just a few minutes later.

The HNL Runtoberfest 5K registration is going really well. The price increases tomorrow so please take care of your registration today! See the Runtoberfest link at the top of your screen? Click it. Register. Feel good about saving yourself money.

Ok here is the info for tomorrow. Please be flexible! Be on time but ready to wait a few minutes. There are some variables in the pace so we can't be EXACT but we'll try!

6:30 - 90 minutes - Drake

7:00 - 30 minutes - K-Mart Crosstown

8:05 - C25K - Drake (2:00 run 1:30 walk)

Have a great day and do something nice for someone!


8/25/2018 - Decent temps - HNL swag - C25K moving along

The temps at the start tomorrow should be under 70! Some of you people are already planing for mittens and pumpkin spice gels. Calm your beans. This is Georgia and we expect second summer to start any day now. While we wait, we'll graciously accept 45 minutes of sub 70 degree weather. Also, it's Disco Dave's birthday this weekend! He'll be the dude in the sweat soaked gray shirt after the first loop. Wish the godfather of HNL a happy day and ask him about how you can celebrate Oreo's for breakfast day this Sunday.

Saw lots of cars last weekend in need of a Run HNL magnet. I'll be giving some away tomorrow so show up and get yours!

Our C25K group was on point last Saturday and we expect some more new folks to show up over the next few weeks. It's a great way for the first two loopers to keep extending that mileage. Stick around and see what it's all about!

Drake for all the miles tomorrow.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - 30 min C25K (Run 2:00 walk 1:30)


8/18 - C25K DAY 1! - Race news - The Dignity Store News - other stuff

Super psyched about how things are going for HNL right now. We're going to have quite a few first timers in the next few weeks so everyone be nice and don't be weird. We don't want to scare the new people away. Here are a few Run HNL rules you should remember:

The weekly run info is here on Friday

The Run HNL Facebook group has all the straight dope on impromptu events (hash runs, slow rides, hüsker düs, hüsker don'ts)

We're usually at Drake but there's always a chance of location change - ALWAYS CHECK ONLINE

The moon landing was not a hoax

We always stay together with front to backs

There are no membership fees or requirements to joining

Yes, some of us wear pleasant fragrance for the runs. You're welcome

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way you should know a few things about what HNL is all about. Please take some time to look at the giving tab. HNL is the umbrella all of our projects fall under. Run HNL, The Dignity Store, Level Up Community Grant, and smaller projects are all part of HNL, Inc. We've been a thing for many years and a non-profit since last year. No project is too big or small. We really like the quick shots like you read about but the really good stuff are the things that make a really big difference. We had a big transportation project win last year and we're currently working on a washer/dryer project. Ever been in a laundromat? Pretty bleak, dude. We're gonna find someone with the right story out of there and help them improve their life by making things a little easier, cheaper, and shorter. This was made possible by a grant from Delta Pilots Charitable Association. HNL is going to make them proud by helping someone deserving in a profound and lasting way. More on that in the Fall. Anyway, this is a group of action. You don't have to be here long before you see the magnificent kindness and range of abilities these people bring to the table. We're motivated, flexible, unorthodox, and set on a mission to help fellow humans.

The Dignity Store had a big week thanks to Amanda and Leslie! We're opening our SIXTH location at North Clayton Middle School. Thanks to Amanda and her employer Cummins Diesel for sponsoring this location. The school is really excited to have us there and gave us a great space. Photos soon! More info about The Dignity Store HERE.

We had a really great race meeting at Line Creek Brewery this week. I'm pretty sure I have permanent hearing damage but the important issues were discussed. We need your help for the big push over the next two weeks. If you've not signed up for the race......c'mon. Really need you to step up here. Get your mind right and fire up that Apple II to get Netscape directed HERE. The race sponsorship list is looking great but we need your help here too. Please get out there and sling these gold level sponsorships. Get the $500 check to me and email the logo to runhnlptc@gmail.com Special thanks to Matt Tuff for working hard on this really important part of our race planning. We talked shirt talk and we should have some options soon. We're really lucky to have April working on this and helping us out. Thanks to her, all this stuff looks great and I think that's a really important part of getting people to love HNL. 

My fingers are going to seize up.

We'll be at Drake tomorrow for your sweaty fix

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K - Run 2:00 Walk 2:00 for 30 min

Everyone stick around for a group photo at 8:00!


8/11/2018 - Get back to it - Runtoberfest HELP - DRAKE!!

Ok. School is back in. Routine is the name of the game. Get your fine self out to Drake and move your body! We'll have an option tomorrow for walkers only! As we ramp up to the C25K program for Runtoberfest, let's start with walking. Hope to see some previous loop runners hanging around for the walk as well. This is a great opportunity to see what HNL is about and meet some of the people. Call a friend, register for the HNL 5K Runtoberfest, commit to making all the couch to 5K training runs. It's going to be fun!

Speaking of HNL's Runtoberfest....need some of you to register ASAP. There is a price increase at the end of the month and we'd love for you to get the best deal possible. We're at 42 registrants and we need about 458 more! There are over 500 members of the HNL run group site on FB and we need more OGs like yall to sign up! See that sexy link up top "Runtoberfest"? Click it and we can all feel better about ourselves.

I expect to see a great crowd tomorrow! Should be back in the saddle! I'm really excited to be back at it after missing two weeks in a row. There are options for everyone! COMMIT!

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - 30 min walk


8/4/2018 – EXCITING DAY – HNL Runtoberfest – Drake Loops

It’s a great day! Isn’t our new website badass? Many thanks to April, Scott, and Melissa for their hard work on making this so great. This is the spot where we’ll publish all our run info and HNL related news. It’s really cool!

This is also a great time to announce that the registration for the HNL Runtoberfest 5K is live! The registration link to share is www.runhnl.com then navigate to Runtoberfest. Please help us out by registering yourself today. We need to make sure the site and registration link are good to go so please take some time TODAY and get yourself registered and your place secured. Yes, I know some of you will be volunteers but register anyway and ensure yourself a shirt and sweet swag bag. We will need your help in the coming weeks as we promote this event so this weekend is really important in getting set for the big push. REGISTER NOW!!! Also, let us know if you encounter any issues (that’s the most important part).

The HNL Runtoberfest couch to 5K training program will start in a few weeks. It’s totally free and we need to push this info along with any messaging you have on social media about the race. Please include the fact that it’s completely free with registration and info on the runs will be published here.

I’m STILL on vacation so I won’t be at the run. We need some leaders for the following loops:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K 15:00 run 15:00 walk

Much love HNL! See you for a massive group as school gets back underway. Thanks for your commitment to our organization. We’re doing big things and it’s pretty exciting to see!


7/21 - Three Loops! NEED LEADERS NEXT TWO WEEKS - HNL 5K Runtoberfest Update

We'll have the humid goodness ready for consumption tomorrow morning at Drake. The C25K group is transitioning to a full on run and the lurkers I tagged on FB are finally coming out of the shadows! I'll be in the mountains next Saturday so we need a long group leader and the weekend after that I'm at out again so be ready to step up twice.

April, Scott, and Melissa have been working hard on the runhnl.com website and we should be seeing the fruits of their labor very soon. I think you're gonna love the new spot for all the run info and race registration. Ryan did an awesome job researching and choosing our race registration website which will be seamlessly integrated into the new runhnl.com. I'll be announcing the need for some of you people to register very soon. We need to have HNLiens register first so we can make sure the whole thing works before we go advertising it. Once we make it official, we need your help getting the word out and getting our registration numbers to our goal of 300. Whole race committee meeting 7/30 at 6:30 location TBD. 

Here is the info for the Drake based run tomorrow:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K - 15:00 Run 15:00 Walk


7/14 Poker Run Redux DRAKE - Friday Night Slow Ride

Don't forget the slow ride tonight! We'll meet for a restaurant to restaurant ride starting at El Ranchero Westpark at 6:30. The second location will be Partners Pizza then we'll vote after that to see where else the evening takes us. This will be a lot of fun and you don't want to miss it. BE THERE!

Last week must have been a travel day for HNL. We'll give the 7/7 poker run another go. Bring a $1 scratch off lottery ticket for each loop you want to participate in. If you're doing two loops, bring two tickets. Winner each loop gets half the tickets, HNL gets the rest which we'll use on a laundrymat fairy operation.

C25K! We're repeating last weeks run so if you missed it, you can get back in it!

All loops Drake

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K 3:30 run :30 walk