Peachtree City Classic - Early options - runtoberfest

Good luck to the runners of the PTC Classic tomorrow! The PTCRC does an awesome job of hosting this great race every year and I have no doubt tomorrow will be phenomenal. This is the first time I'll miss this race in many years but kids sports is pulling me away. If you're running tomorrow please represent HNL by wearing your finest gear.

For those few not running the classic tomorrow we have an early option if you're interested. See below.

The Runtoberfest planning is done and the only thing left is to execute. Thanks so much to the volunteers who've put in countless hours to get this thing going. I know its going to go smoothly. Thanks for all your help!

Here are the two loops offered tomorrow from Drake:

6:00 - 30 min

6:30 - 60 min

Hope to see some photos from the Classic!


10/13 - get out the pumpkin spice fleece - HNL Runtoberfest is sold out! - double help - run info

How bout this weather! Gonna be a great day for running and coffee tomorrow. The pancake thing is postponed since lots of people have stuff going on tomorrow. It’ll be on 11/3. 

Great job on selling out our first official race! Thanks so much to the people who've been involved so far and the ones who are about to be. This will be a super high quality event and a perfect example of how we can get things done when we team up and spread the work out. Next level stuff, y'all. Nice work.

Still need you to click here and sign up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0849aba823a1fc1-hnlruntoberfest

We’ll have an awesome volunteer shirt for you and if you do a really good job, we’ll say nice things about you when you aren’t around. Seriously, help us out. The sold out race is happening on 10/27 and we need just a few more spots.

If you’re on this list we need you at the next race meeting on 10/18 at 6:30 pm. We’ll meet at the official HNL headquarters now located at 6000 Shakerag Hill #104, Peachtree City, GA 30269.

Linda, Capt. Tuff, Marc, Amy, Izzy, Lindsey, Melissa, Shannon, Julie, Lindsey, All Scotts. PLEASE make an effort to be there!

Here is a look at the schedule for the week of the race:

Thursday 10/18
7:00 PM – Volunteer meeting

Thursday 10/25
6:30 PM – Bag stuffing/LAST RACE MEETING at HNL, Inc.

Friday 10/26
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Course marking
2:00 PM – Porta Potty delivery
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM Packet pickup LCB

This is going to be a great event for all involved. Can’t wait to see the stories of the kids we will be sending to camp with all this effort. Thanks to all involved for your help!

The loops tomorrow are Drake loops in the cool morning goodness. Be there!

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K (5:00 run :30 walk)


10/6 - HELP!


We need help! There are a few things we still need before the race (which is six runners from being sold out) on the 27th. Here is what we need:

1. Click this link and sign up for something https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0849aba823a1fc1-hnlruntoberfest

2. We need to borrow your six seat golf cart. Seriously. We'll bring it back.

3. I need some GoPro and drone footage help. If you have a GoPro, bring it. If you have a camera on a drone, fly it. If you take photos, get them to me.

That's not so bad, right? Please help us with this so it all goes smoothly. We'll have the packet stuffing party on 10/25, packet pickup at Line Creek on 10/26, race on 10/27. Anna is looking for traffic cones (30 to 50), Izzy is looking for a clock and inflatable arch, Capt. Matt Tuff is looking for traffic vests. If you have a line on any of these things, reach out to them and help make their lives easier.

The race bags are ordered and they look pretty awesome, race and volunteer shirts are on the way, race prizes are delicate and German AF, Hoo-rags been here waiting, temporary tattoos which read, "I don't give a schnitzel" are here. So much great stuff. Psyched.

Did anybody see our shoutout in the Fayette Community Source magazine story on "The local running scene"? Thanks to Joe for showing us some love:

RUN HNL: This is the fastest growing local running group,and it takes running to a "Hole Nother Level (HNL)" with lots of themed running activities, many of which support local charities. This group is fun and active, albeit non-traditional.

Love it! Hope to keep living up to the non-traditional part.

Let's run!

All loops from Drake. I'll be deep in the Ozarks and Capt. Tuff is fishing so we need some loop leaders tomorrow.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K (4:30 run :30 walk)

See you next week for the post run pancake goodness. Sign up here: https://www.facebook.com/events/304723203663583/


9/29 - judge kavanaugh confirmation run - race getting close - sunrise 30 min - gift cards - Sunday ruck

The Senate Judiciary Committee will join us tomorrow for our opinions on their vote today. Come ready to discuss.

We're less than a month from our race. Things are really coming along! Thanks to the race committee for all your hard work, we're going to have such a great time. If you've not signed up for the race, do it now! There are less than 50 spots left. The volunteer signup is here for those who would like to help: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0849aba823a1fc1-hnlruntoberfest

We had the Booth custodian lunch today and it was awesome. Thanks to all who came out. They refuse to be named so I won't but the lunch was greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Don't miss the 30 min run tomorrow starting right when the sun rises! We'll run east into the brightness. Expecting to see some HNL OGs for this portion tomorrow. Come out of your comfort zone and make this happen. Exercise is a great stress relief. Relieve yourself.

Tomorrow we'll be collecting gift cards for flooding victims in North Carolina. There are lots of people up there struggling to make ends meet and we'd like to help with some of those needs for the babies and kids. Any gift cards are great but ones they can use to buy diapers, formula, and the like are greatly appreciated.

This Sunday at 1:00 PM we're rucking. That's right, rucking. Come out and join us for a miles long ruck starting at PTC K-Mart. If you live in PTC and want us to come by and pick you up to say hi, lemme know.

Here is the Drake info for the run tomorrow:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - 30 min C25K (4:00 run :30 walk)

PS check our badass race bib!


9/22 - New times - booth middle school help!

Look out for a few changes in the morning. We'll start a bit early for those who's like to and we need some leadership at 7:30 and 8:00.

The Booth Middle School Custodian lunch is on. We'll serve the entire custodial staff lunch in the front office conference room at 1:30 on Friday. We still need two more volunteers between 1:00 and 2:30. This is a great way to serve some awesome people and I guarantee you'll have a good time. Let me know if you can help!

Our race numbers are getting close to maximum. We're over 230 and the stream of registrants is still steadily growing. It's getting pretty exciting. If you're on the race committee get ready to meet every Thursday in October. I'm working on the top finisher prizes (there are only six, top three males and females) and really like a beer stein as trophy. If you've got any really great ideas about what you think they should be please reach out. I'm not saying that we'll use it but I'd love to hear about any other creative ideas you might have.

Ok, tomorrow the temps are good but the humidity is high. Suck it up and get your tail out there. We need a group lead for both the 30 min loop and the C25K. For really. All loops Drake.

6:00 - NEW TIME - 30 min

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K (3:30 run 0:30 walk)


9/15 - Runtoberfest and Booth help - shark stuff - c25k up to 3:00!

I feel like the baby shark song really helps us deal with stress. Everyone’s got the little and easy to deal with baby shark problems, right?  What happens when they get bigger? You know, grandma shark problems. Good news. Just swim faster. Swim faster and bye bye sharks. If you’re dealing with grandma shark problems, come work some of it out with HNL and this uplifting song. Seriously, check the lyrics below and think about the meaning of them. Don’t miss the end! *Spoiler alert* the fish makes it.   

Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Baby shark.

Mama shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Mama shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Mama shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Mama shark.

Papa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Papa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Papa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Papa shark.

Grandma shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandma shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandma shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandma shark.

Grandpa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandpa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandpa shark, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Grandpa shark.

Hungry sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Hungry sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Hungry sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Hungry sharks.

Little fish, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Little fish, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Little fish, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Little fish.

Swim away, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim away, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim away, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim away.

Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster.

Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster.

Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Swim faster.

Safe at last, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Safe at last, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Safe at last, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Safe at last.

Bye bye sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Bye bye sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Bye bye sharks, doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo.
Bye bye sharks.

It’s such a good song. You’ve gotta listen to it 17 million times before it gets old.

Good news this week for HNL! We’ve got almost 200 people signed up for the race. We met last night and put together a list of things we need for the day of the race. We need your help! Amy is going to have the volunteer signup soon where you can volunteer your time at the race and get a sweet shirt for your efforts! If you visit Line Creek Brewery anytime soon, tell them how much you love the race signs they’ve got on the tables. Special thanks to Melissa for the hours of work she’s put into this race so far. We’ve got lots of great help for this event and she’s always there to contribute.

The Dignity Store has all the shelves stocked and a volunteer committed to every location. Anna, Christina, Julie, Carrie, Amanda, Leslie and Mandy are going to keep up with our inventory and our partnerships with the schools. This idea keeps growing and we’re lucky to have such awesome help. Thank you!

The Booth custodian service is on! We’ve got menus going out to the Booth Middle Custodial staff for the lunch we’ll serve on 9/28. We still need some help here so if you could spare an hour or so, we’d appreciate it. Please let me know tomorrow if you can!

The laundry machine project got a boost this week with some help from a local elementary school counselor who knows of a local family of five who is in desperate need of a washer and dryer. We’re in the process of learning more about them and will keep you updated about what we learn. The idea for this came to us from the bleak environment that is a laundromat.  There are lots of people right here in our community who are having to carry their laundry (sometimes on foot) to a nearby laundromat where they spend lots of money on doing their wash. We want to reduce the time and cost for these people by purchasing and installing a washer and dryer in their home. Laundry sucks. Having to haul it to a public place, pay too much to do it, then drag it home really sucks. If we find the right people, we’ll make life a bit easier for them.

It’s not too late to jump into the couch to 5K program! Come out tomorrow! 3:00 run, 1:00 walk. Be there!

All loops Drake tomorrow:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K (3:00 run 1:00 walk)  


9/8 7 run - Runtoberfest update - Dignity Store news

Dear HNL,

I thought about you all day. Can't even help it. Seems like the years are rushing by and we're still searching for the meaning of all this. It's almost like it was meant to be, right? Remember that time way back in the day we went to the hash run in Atlanta and got shoved into the sewer? How about the time when Emily was pregnant and she couldn't be bothered to even barely wade into the woods before dropping her pants to pee. How about that one time at David's house we stayed so late he went to bed without even saying goodnight? Yea. Those were the days. Here is why I can't stop thinking about you. The best days are ahead of us. Big things are happening and we're making a difference for people and having fun along the way. Pretty cool. I don't want to come off too strong but.....I'm pretty sure you're my favorite running group. There. I said it. Well, I hope you feel the same and I can't wait until Emily gets pregnant so we can all be together while she sprays her bodily fluids all over the cart path again.

All my love,


Now that we've got the sentimental stuff out of the way...Tomorrow is 9/8 so the first loop will start 10 minuets early so we can get 7 miles in. Get it? 9/8 7? There will be a 30 min run at 7:30 and the couch to 5K group meets at 8:00. All at Drake.

Runtoberfest numbers are over the halfway point and we need your help to get us the rest of the way. Share, advertise, influence! Let's get to 300 this month! Race committee people met this week and we have a badass shirt design picked out. It's seriously cool. We met with the brewery and worked out some details there too. If you are on the race committee and haven't read the freedcamp post on the LCB meeting, please do. Julie and Marc have some important info there.

The Dignity Store opened the new location at North Clayton Middle thanks to Amanda and Cummins. It was an awesome event and we really appreciate Amanda's hard work on getting this done. It would be totally awesome if she and her sister Maggie came back to run with us. Maybe one day. Keller Williams' non-profit Kares 4 Kids took The Dignity Store shopping this week and we picked up $1400 worth of hygiene items for kids in need! Thanks to Matt Tuff's awesome company for doing this and our very own Tracy Kirkland for taking us along. I've got to apologize for my terrible error, however. During the start of the event, they let the charities introduce themselves and I failed to mention Leslie as I told them what The Dignity Store was. Truth is, she is the largest part of it. You cannot imagine the time and love she puts into all of our locations and we're truly grateful for her efforts. Thank you Leslie! She's gonna be mad I wrote this cause she didn't notice my omission but I felt terrible.

That's all for now. Be on the lookout for an opportunity to help in the next few weeks. We're serving the janitorial staff at Booth Middle a fancy lunch. These awesome folks work really hard for the kids and we're going to honor them with a lunch from Longhorn. If you'd be available to help set up or serve, let me know tomorrow and we'l get you in there like swimwear. This will most likely be the last Friday of the month at about 1:30 for a staff of 8.

Here are the details on the run

6:20 - 70 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K (run 2:30 walk 1:00)



Rabbit rabbit! - fresh duration, location, and times - Runtoberfest Price increase

It's the first day of September and superstition requires you to say rabbit rabbit on the first day of the month so the rabbit will run away with your problems. This is nonsense but some of y'all got bills that need a third rabbit in there so give it a try. Speaking of Tri, our own Scott Porter is competing at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship this weekend. I was gonna let him know that there are races in this hemisphere but he was already underway; steaming toward a swim in the Indian Ocean and hard ass work in the African sun. There is no doubt Mr. Porter has his mind right. Good luck, buddy! 

If you are planning on running the normal 60 or 30 min loop tomorrow please pay attention to the location and time changes tomorrow. The 90 min loop will run with the 30 min loop. The C25K is in the normal spot at Drake just a few minutes later.

The HNL Runtoberfest 5K registration is going really well. The price increases tomorrow so please take care of your registration today! See the Runtoberfest link at the top of your screen? Click it. Register. Feel good about saving yourself money.

Ok here is the info for tomorrow. Please be flexible! Be on time but ready to wait a few minutes. There are some variables in the pace so we can't be EXACT but we'll try!

6:30 - 90 minutes - Drake

7:00 - 30 minutes - K-Mart Crosstown

8:05 - C25K - Drake (2:00 run 1:30 walk)

Have a great day and do something nice for someone!


8/25/2018 - Decent temps - HNL swag - C25K moving along

The temps at the start tomorrow should be under 70! Some of you people are already planing for mittens and pumpkin spice gels. Calm your beans. This is Georgia and we expect second summer to start any day now. While we wait, we'll graciously accept 45 minutes of sub 70 degree weather. Also, it's Disco Dave's birthday this weekend! He'll be the dude in the sweat soaked gray shirt after the first loop. Wish the godfather of HNL a happy day and ask him about how you can celebrate Oreo's for breakfast day this Sunday.

Saw lots of cars last weekend in need of a Run HNL magnet. I'll be giving some away tomorrow so show up and get yours!

Our C25K group was on point last Saturday and we expect some more new folks to show up over the next few weeks. It's a great way for the first two loopers to keep extending that mileage. Stick around and see what it's all about!

Drake for all the miles tomorrow.

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - 30 min C25K (Run 2:00 walk 1:30)


8/18 - C25K DAY 1! - Race news - The Dignity Store News - other stuff

Super psyched about how things are going for HNL right now. We're going to have quite a few first timers in the next few weeks so everyone be nice and don't be weird. We don't want to scare the new people away. Here are a few Run HNL rules you should remember:

The weekly run info is here on Friday

The Run HNL Facebook group has all the straight dope on impromptu events (hash runs, slow rides, hüsker düs, hüsker don'ts)

We're usually at Drake but there's always a chance of location change - ALWAYS CHECK ONLINE

The moon landing was not a hoax

We always stay together with front to backs

There are no membership fees or requirements to joining

Yes, some of us wear pleasant fragrance for the runs. You're welcome

Ok, now that we've got that out of the way you should know a few things about what HNL is all about. Please take some time to look at the giving tab. HNL is the umbrella all of our projects fall under. Run HNL, The Dignity Store, Level Up Community Grant, and smaller projects are all part of HNL, Inc. We've been a thing for many years and a non-profit since last year. No project is too big or small. We really like the quick shots like you read about but the really good stuff are the things that make a really big difference. We had a big transportation project win last year and we're currently working on a washer/dryer project. Ever been in a laundromat? Pretty bleak, dude. We're gonna find someone with the right story out of there and help them improve their life by making things a little easier, cheaper, and shorter. This was made possible by a grant from Delta Pilots Charitable Association. HNL is going to make them proud by helping someone deserving in a profound and lasting way. More on that in the Fall. Anyway, this is a group of action. You don't have to be here long before you see the magnificent kindness and range of abilities these people bring to the table. We're motivated, flexible, unorthodox, and set on a mission to help fellow humans.

The Dignity Store had a big week thanks to Amanda and Leslie! We're opening our SIXTH location at North Clayton Middle School. Thanks to Amanda and her employer Cummins Diesel for sponsoring this location. The school is really excited to have us there and gave us a great space. Photos soon! More info about The Dignity Store HERE.

We had a really great race meeting at Line Creek Brewery this week. I'm pretty sure I have permanent hearing damage but the important issues were discussed. We need your help for the big push over the next two weeks. If you've not signed up for the race......c'mon. Really need you to step up here. Get your mind right and fire up that Apple II to get Netscape directed HERE. The race sponsorship list is looking great but we need your help here too. Please get out there and sling these gold level sponsorships. Get the $500 check to me and email the logo to runhnlptc@gmail.com Special thanks to Matt Tuff for working hard on this really important part of our race planning. We talked shirt talk and we should have some options soon. We're really lucky to have April working on this and helping us out. Thanks to her, all this stuff looks great and I think that's a really important part of getting people to love HNL. 

My fingers are going to seize up.

We'll be at Drake tomorrow for your sweaty fix

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K - Run 2:00 Walk 2:00 for 30 min

Everyone stick around for a group photo at 8:00!


8/11/2018 - Get back to it - Runtoberfest HELP - DRAKE!!

Ok. School is back in. Routine is the name of the game. Get your fine self out to Drake and move your body! We'll have an option tomorrow for walkers only! As we ramp up to the C25K program for Runtoberfest, let's start with walking. Hope to see some previous loop runners hanging around for the walk as well. This is a great opportunity to see what HNL is about and meet some of the people. Call a friend, register for the HNL 5K Runtoberfest, commit to making all the couch to 5K training runs. It's going to be fun!

Speaking of HNL's Runtoberfest....need some of you to register ASAP. There is a price increase at the end of the month and we'd love for you to get the best deal possible. We're at 42 registrants and we need about 458 more! There are over 500 members of the HNL run group site on FB and we need more OGs like yall to sign up! See that sexy link up top "Runtoberfest"? Click it and we can all feel better about ourselves.

I expect to see a great crowd tomorrow! Should be back in the saddle! I'm really excited to be back at it after missing two weeks in a row. There are options for everyone! COMMIT!

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - 30 min walk


8/4/2018 – EXCITING DAY – HNL Runtoberfest – Drake Loops

It’s a great day! Isn’t our new website badass? Many thanks to April, Scott, and Melissa for their hard work on making this so great. This is the spot where we’ll publish all our run info and HNL related news. It’s really cool!

This is also a great time to announce that the registration for the HNL Runtoberfest 5K is live! The registration link to share is www.runhnl.com then navigate to Runtoberfest. Please help us out by registering yourself today. We need to make sure the site and registration link are good to go so please take some time TODAY and get yourself registered and your place secured. Yes, I know some of you will be volunteers but register anyway and ensure yourself a shirt and sweet swag bag. We will need your help in the coming weeks as we promote this event so this weekend is really important in getting set for the big push. REGISTER NOW!!! Also, let us know if you encounter any issues (that’s the most important part).

The HNL Runtoberfest couch to 5K training program will start in a few weeks. It’s totally free and we need to push this info along with any messaging you have on social media about the race. Please include the fact that it’s completely free with registration and info on the runs will be published here.

I’m STILL on vacation so I won’t be at the run. We need some leaders for the following loops:

6:30 – 60 min

7:30 – 30 min

8:00 – C25K 15:00 run 15:00 walk

Much love HNL! See you for a massive group as school gets back underway. Thanks for your commitment to our organization. We’re doing big things and it’s pretty exciting to see!


7/21 - Three Loops! NEED LEADERS NEXT TWO WEEKS - HNL 5K Runtoberfest Update

We'll have the humid goodness ready for consumption tomorrow morning at Drake. The C25K group is transitioning to a full on run and the lurkers I tagged on FB are finally coming out of the shadows! I'll be in the mountains next Saturday so we need a long group leader and the weekend after that I'm at out again so be ready to step up twice.

April, Scott, and Melissa have been working hard on the runhnl.com website and we should be seeing the fruits of their labor very soon. I think you're gonna love the new spot for all the run info and race registration. Ryan did an awesome job researching and choosing our race registration website which will be seamlessly integrated into the new runhnl.com. I'll be announcing the need for some of you people to register very soon. We need to have HNLiens register first so we can make sure the whole thing works before we go advertising it. Once we make it official, we need your help getting the word out and getting our registration numbers to our goal of 300. Whole race committee meeting 7/30 at 6:30 location TBD. 

Here is the info for the Drake based run tomorrow:

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K - 15:00 Run 15:00 Walk


7/14 Poker Run Redux DRAKE - Friday Night Slow Ride

Don't forget the slow ride tonight! We'll meet for a restaurant to restaurant ride starting at El Ranchero Westpark at 6:30. The second location will be Partners Pizza then we'll vote after that to see where else the evening takes us. This will be a lot of fun and you don't want to miss it. BE THERE!

Last week must have been a travel day for HNL. We'll give the 7/7 poker run another go. Bring a $1 scratch off lottery ticket for each loop you want to participate in. If you're doing two loops, bring two tickets. Winner each loop gets half the tickets, HNL gets the rest which we'll use on a laundrymat fairy operation.

C25K! We're repeating last weeks run so if you missed it, you can get back in it!

All loops Drake

6:30 - 60 min

7:30 - 30 min

8:00 - C25K 3:30 run :30 walk