Couch to 5k - get on up!

Here are the dates for the HNL Runtoberfest couch to 5K (C25K) program.  When the run info is posted each week (usually on Friday afternoon) look for the C25K info so you know where and when to show up.  Here are some basics: 

You must accept all the liability which comes with this endeavor.  Not just the legal stuff but the motivational stuff too; get your mind right and get the work done. There are risks, you should participate only if you're comfortable with them.

Accountability helps.  Bring a friend or commit to the runs each week on social media.  We know it's not easy to get out of bed on a Saturday morning but if we all do it, we all win! 

Listen to your body. Don't overdo it: Don't let shin splints turn into stress fractures. If you hurt, rub some dirt on it. If you still hurt, rest.

Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. You might want to ask about the running while you're there.

Get your body ready and your mind right by walking and running each Monday and Wednesday. Use the model below to know just how much to run on those days. Still having trouble? Ask somebody. This is a free program so we don't have technical support or anything like that.

The plan is to have a 30 min walk each Saturday with lengthening run intervals as the program progresses.  The first two weeks will be slightly shorter just to help get our bodies ready for the full Runtoberfest 5K. The information next to each date is the length of time we'll spend walking and running for the entire workout. As you'll see, the running gets longer, the walking gets shorter, then we'll transition to a long run format until the completion of the program. 

8/18 Run 2:00 Walk 2:00
8/25 Run 2:00 Walk 1:30
9/1 Run 2:00 Walk 1:30
9/8 Run 2:30 Walk 1:00
9/15 Run 3:00 Walk 1:00
9/22 Run 3:30 Walk :30
9/29 Run 4:00 Walk :30
10/6 Run 4:30 Walk :30
10/13 Run 5:00 Walk :30
10/20 Run 6:00 Walk :30

Remember: You can do this, all you have to do is the work! Ready right on the push! Get after it HNL!