2020 SwitchYard Grant

HNL is a project based non-profit organization committed to helping people in our community “level up”. From big needs like reliable transportation to small ones like help with the heating bill, we leverage our time and talent to spread kindness and make a measurable impact.  Now, HNL wants to hear what young people have to say! We’re awarding grants to local young entrepreneurs with charitable hearts about how to be helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic.  HNL will be accepting applications from kids interested in helping response efforts, recovery assistance, economic sustainability, relief help, recognition of helpers, or any other ideas that can help our community!  HNL wants to be a force multiplier on your great ideas. During these challenging conditions, we’re going to empower our youth and let them have a chance to make a difference. Let’s see what you’ve got.

Fill out the application here. Those awarded a grant will be supported virtually by a team of HNL business mentors. Parents and their students will work with HNL in the planning, execution, and impact measurement of their idea. No ideas are too big or too small. We are looking for innovative applications to move onto the virtual pitch session. The grant application period is open until May 1, 2020 but may close early if we run out of funds. Good luck!